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  1. one of the best and popular OOP language is Python. google it.
  2. bill gates? there's the vista icon in his eyes... joke. can't be God, no one has ever seen Him, no one can see Him...
  3. YES... Vista Home Basic. Im using it currently. It only have 512Mb Ram. Speed is alright, but definitely not for gaming. Office 2007 is also not advisable.
  4. i use textscroller utility together with my own countdown script, showing me a scrolling countdown of an urgent appointment or date; i also use randomquotes script.
  5. at least it took you a second away from your boredom writing 'that's not even funny". i give your lulz back.
  6. yeah right... well, Happy Chinese New Year to you all. Gong xi gong xi gong xi ni!
  7. well my wife is really strange, intelligent and sharp minded, and she is not retarded. I adore her. She's a chinese.
  8. My Third Samurize (thanks to Phoshi for some helpful configs)
  9. would you mind sharing this Samurize config? please email [email protected] thank you.
  10. i was expecting you would say "...delete c:windowssystem32..." i concur your suggestion this time.... LOL
  11. all you need to do is get that yz docklet.dll (google yz dock, download everything, extract if its a zip) copied into your c:program fielsrocketdock folder. I had this experience after installing an incompatible docklet.
  12. yeah its a joke... those who say Linux is **** didnt know what Linux really is.
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