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  1. For those of you who are crashing when you click on "icon settings" with the latest version, this was happening to me on Vista x64 until i ran RocketDock as an Administrator once. After that it has worked perfectly. Give that a try and let us know how it goes. Obviously this is not a solution for XP users, sorry.
  2. Sranshaft, the problems i was having were mostly with the errors being thrown up all of the time when trying to save settings. It would throw an error and it wouldn't save the settings and that is a big problem. I found an XML file with the settings stored in it and found that i could edit that and make some changes. That fixed the icons from moving to the right. But some of the settings in that file didn't seem to matter. It would still shuffle my icons around on the left side of the screen. I have had these same issues on every computer i have installed it on. I am using Vista x64 and have used it on Vista 32-bit as well. I have given myself full permissions to the folder and run it as an administrator so that i wouldn't have UAC problems, but that didn't seem to help. Another problem that i mentioned some time before was that the icon that appeared on the desktop was broken if the drive you inserted didn't have a drive label. This is common with flash drives, SD cards, etc. I don't know what the differences in our systems are, but you're right, that's the way it is sometimes.
  3. That would have been good to know a while ago.
  4. Found a great alternative that seems pretty solid. Does the same things as DiscMounter, but without the errors and while leaving my icons where they are. Desk Drive http://blueonionsoftware.com/deskdrive.aspx
  5. I'm having the same problem. I haven't been losing folders lately though, it's been special folders.
  6. I think the reason nobody has responded is that we're all experiencing the same problem. The title doesn't disappear in Rocket Dock as it does in Object dock, you're exactly right. It's a difference between the two programs and will take a fix from Matonga and not an fix for you to make. Good observation though. I'm glad you said something about it so that Matonga is aware (He may already be, i don't know). On another note, stacks open and close really quickly or not at all when you switch from single monitor to dual monitor and vise versa making them unusable. It does it in both Object Dock and Rocket Dock. A simple restart of both programs works to correct it, but it would be nice if i didn't have to. Just a friendly note = ). Great job Matonga, i love this program and have recommended it to many others.
  7. I run Vista also. Sometimes it helps to give yourself permissions to that folder. Right click on it and go to security and add yourself giving yourself full permissions. What program are you using Stack Docklet in btw?
  8. How are the memory leak fixes coming?
  9. If you're using Windows Vista then it isn't a problem with "Stacks Docklet." This happens to me all the time and i don't know how to stop it, but clearing the vista icon cache fixes it for a while.
  10. Does anyone know how to make it stop moving the icons around? Never mind - I redownloaded it and then edited the config file again and for some reason it worked this time.
  11. Just reformatted my HD. Any news on an update? The save settings thing is pretty goofy : ).
  12. Hey, I found sort of a solution to this same problem. I found that it struggles to make shortcuts on the desktop of drives that don't have drive labels. Flash Memory Cards, Flash Drives, all kinds of things like that. Just adding a simple drive label makes it happy for some reason. Hope this helps.
  13. Sranshaft, great work on DiscMounter. I would really like to see some bug fixes. I'm running Vista x64 if you need someone to test it. Thanks again and nice work.
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