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  1. I installed the GRApple theme for Firefox 3, but my only problem is, What would be a visual style that would match that theme, to make everything look perfect? I would appreciate any help that is offered. Thanks !!
  2. My favorite shows aren't on the air anymore, but Law & Order with the previous lineup of actors, and Charmed (love Piper) !!!
  3. Thank you very much mps69 !! I did forget about this program, and that is the one I used before. The other suggestion wouldn't add the items I wanted into the screenshot, but Rumshot works perfectly.
  4. I did already look in this forum, but I seem to have lost the software that I have been using for taking my screen shots. Any suggestions from anyone would be great. But a program that will include all of the programs that are running on my desktop (like desktop photos, Yahoo widgets, and AVE apps). I really do appreciate it for any help. Thanks, FatAxl
  5. Yeah, I second that. An updated link world be great. Thanks.
  6. I signed up for an account for myself. I really like !! Good Job !!
  7. Yes the lick does work, because I just downloaded and installed it. It's kinda cool. Thanks for the 411..
  8. I am hoping that there is one of these Wonderful members of Aqua-Soft that has a copy of Flyakite OSX 3.5 that I could get ?? I would really appreciate it. E-mail address is: [email protected] Thanks in advance. Doug
  9. Incase anyone else noticed, foobar just releaseed another verson today. The new release is foobar v 0.9.4, and eveything works great. I haven't noticed any remarkable changes.
  10. I have tried every thing that Jimmeh has tried also, and all of the ends of my tracks get cut off.
  11. I love everything with this plug-in, but is there something I am missing, or doing wrong which is causing iTunes to take a while to close after I exit the program ?? Besides the delay in closing, everything else works great, Good Job localhost !!
  12. This is the link: http://lhsite.pimme.nu/files/Multi-Plugin.exe There you go!
  13. Is there a way that you could list the items that you changed to make it work correctly?!? I would apprecitae it. Thanks, FatAxl
  14. I was wondering, does the latest release on foobar 0.9.2 work with Multi Plugin? Sorry if I missed the answer further up in the thread. Thanks
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