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  1. lol i didn't know this site was still around
  2. The shadow looks a bit off; it should be 90° not -90° in my opinion. Other than that, it's really nice. I have it set as my iPod touch's icon when I mount it with AFP.
  3. whoa i haven't been here in forever! my last post was like a year ago or something lol. but anyway i decided to come here to show you all my first real wallpaper (and it's pop art!) clicky da image
  4. it's the default vista rtm wallpaper. a quick google led me to all the wallpapers. (i'd upload them to my own site but they're pretty big and i assume a lot of people would download them)
  5. i dunno if there's an osx port but abiword is pretty fast
  6. hmm... this is hard... i guess This Is How It Goes -- Billy Talent and i also would rate the opening track on their second album (Devil in a Midnight Mass) as second place.
  7. well a bug in windows requires the fonts folder to be opened after a font's installed (or refreshed if it's installed with the window open) so try opening the fonts folder.
  8. the software. its browser does suck but hey the software isn't too bad. i only actually hated it as i said because it's too expensive and besides, you don't HAVE to use its browser. iirc aol 7 (from like 2001) was the last aol to hijack everything
  9. long have i hated aol. the main reason was because they overcharged. well now they practically undercharge! the press release stated that its software and stuff will soon become free. now they are. just go to aol.com and sign up.
  10. i forgot to say that after the "gunshot" the "moo" was done by the dell employee!
  11. i was bored (yes just bored. i wasn't on any drugs that i know of) and so i pranked dell computer. this is a recording of it: http://rapidshare.de/files/26798708/dell.mp3.html i used rapidshare btw because i didn't know what other host to use (my dad pays for mine and i doubt he'd be too happy to hear me calling dell and acting like a complete moron)
  12. i'll tell you what, i'll not only come back to aqua-soft, but i'll also post news. all i ask is an imac.... (yes i am only making fun of myself for those who remember) but on a serious note, i know i'm one of thousands saying "i want news" but i actually thought aqua-soft was dead because of the lack of news. by dead i mean the forums and all...
  13. wow this thread is like 2 years old. anyway, anyone still have these? i actually ended up losing them
  14. well even better than south park is dane cook in comedy central presents!
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