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  1. thanks for update Bobah, "reflect windows" effect is slow on my pc (vista sp1, c2d 1.86, 2gb ram & Radeon HD 2300) my request are: - show all windows in dock not only maximized - hide the windows taskbar option (not hide off screen) thanks meery xmasssss
  2. i agree on the last one my bad and im sorry, but -nope -app is loaded but its not visible (only on autostart) -captions of shortcuts, look at my prev posts ex. shortcut name is 'Windows media center' on stack is 'eshell'
  3. i can pay for the app, i got money, but when i pay for something, must be good, for now is not
  4. IT IS NOT THE BEST DOCK FOR WINDOWS NOW MAYBE SOME DAY - it has many bugs -sometimes i cant minimize windows to dock, it stays on screen or minimize do windows taskbar -it not loads properly on start my vista (fresh legal sp1 install) dock arent visible -captions in stack and main icons are wrong -opacity of panel set to 100% and still transparent
  5. yeah ok, what about names of aplications?
  6. i just think that doing new stack & other docklets is waste of time., this is how looks folder with my apps shortcuts: xwindows dock stack matongas stack animations are worse, names are fu*ked & icons loooks like in windows 3.11 thats my obserwations!!!!!
  7. chill guys, i just express my obserwations
  8. no ofense but matonga's stack is better than yours...
  9. ok i clicked berore and still i can't edit caption
  10. why icons in stack are so low quality and how i can modify caption of items?
  11. great dock, finally works for me, my opinions and requests 1. support for matonga's stack docklet 2. i'd like to see all of my tasks not only minimalized thanks
  12. hi, just reporting my observations
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