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  1. Uhhh, I think I'll keep the 3 extra clock cycles it takes to do this and keep my XP looking half-decent.
  2. Old news is old. The new MacBook Pro version of the Modbook is pretty nifty, damn expensive though.
  3. Whenever I am on that site, I tend to frequent /g/ for general geek asshattery. There's usually a Wallpaper thread going on anyway...
  4. I haven't tried on a PC but on a Mac, iTunes all the way. Songbird was a laggy, buggy piece of crap. It's attempt at Coverflow was pathetic, for one.
  5. All of them or specific ones? I'm quite happy to do a few requests but it would take me fricking ages to grab all the Icns files from all the apps. :B
  6. I have to agree, your choice in icons is a bit lame really. Why would people want a mac theme and then use the icon of an old, buggy, third party browser that no-one uses any more? You should also swap the maps and App store icons round, the Stocks app should have Text's icon and that should be replaced with the TextEdit icon or something, and the calculator icon is completely wrong. People should make skins that don't make it harder for people to use their phones- most people are visual when using it so having a poor choice in icons just means it takes longer to find things. Try again.
  7. Vice versa with apps like Crossover, but Mac Apps are firmly remaining on the OSX platform, sorry! Oh and it's illegal to run Leopard on non-mac hardware, btw.
  8. Edit: Double posted somehow. :
  9. Mmkay, super. http://desktoptopia.com/
  10. Hey I have to do that as well and...oh wait, I run all Macs.
  11. New products, slightly off delivery times. Kind to be expected.
  12. This would be the closest option: http://www.dennisbabkin.com/php/download.php?what=WOSB I set it to turn my computer on from standby in the middle of the night, perform a few key tasks for work and then put itself on standby again. You could do the same but with an iTunes playlist opening maybe? Edit: here's a Screenie:
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