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  1. I just got done playing call of duty 4 im running version 1.4 lets keep our fingers crossed so far so good
  2. OK ive tried multiple skins with no avail im using styler 1.401, im going to go see if an older version of styler will fix it :S Its just behaving as if it doesnt want to render the toolbar if its on the screen
  3. ooops i didnt attach my HiJackThis log you should find most of what you need here, i have the latest stable release of styler hijackthis.txt
  4. no not that I know of, Im attaching my log from HiJack This
  5. no thats all turned of and I dont use any of those programs, Ive tried reinstalling the tool bar a few times now
  6. Should Styler be acting like this? It works half of the time.
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