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  1. Thanks! I will post your link on the background section of Cianodock! I see them and they are great. I bet that lots user will be happy to choose!!!
  2. ehehehe is that so annoying??? well I'll think about it for future release. Now (in my very rare spare time) I'm rewriting the code to make it faster and clean with some cool new features.
  3. After a bit of time I released a little update: Release 0.3.5 data 1 Feb 2010 - CianoDock doesn't execute some applications/games - When a link it's created, automatically it will capitalize the first character of the name - Some messages didn't show up - The configuration panel now show the ASCII code of the show/hide hotkey - The defaulf font it's changed with Century Gothic for a better readibility and for a future support of cyrillic language - The update application now it's part of the main application saving in this way memory and space I decided to release this update before the ver
  4. humm I'm sorry for that, looks strange becouse you are the first one that has this problem. I installed the 0.3 on Vista and it works. Try to download the zip version and tell me if you have the same problem.
  5. Hi! after long time(I was quite busy for my job), I released the 0.3 version! Release 0.3 - Added a check to identify double groups or link to avoid name conflicts. - Fixed the Z order of the current selected icon, now it appear always on the top. - Added new languages: French, German, Portouguese and Spanish. - On the first installation, the dock isn't empty but has some common Groups and Links to help the beginners to understand how works Cianodock. - Applications that required the UAC confermation, now run. - Pop up a window when a new update is released and launch the updater that downlo
  6. yeah guys it's time for the 0.2 version! change log: - Now it's possible to add everykind of file to the groups. Before now, was possible to add only EXE, BAT and LNK. - Added some options "Hide","Hide when launch an application","Configure" and "Close CianoDock" to the main menu - Updated the languages file Thanks for your help making CianoDock more stable. Thanks to patternjake for his help!
  7. sorry guys I uploaded the old version (0.1b) now I upload the last one! (0.1c) Sorry again!
  8. Change log: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Release 0.1c Important release! - add a check to prevent that the dock become streched - Cianodock now support folders!!! to add a folder just drag&drop it on a group - Now to change an icon or the background (except for the links), you don't need to hold CTRL. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ enjoy
  9. Ok guys! some news... Change log: 09/16/09 Two Important Bug were fixed! - Impossible to add groups when you first launch CianoDock (Cooljojo and everyone download it and didn't work will be happy, sorry about it) - Dosn't update the group name when you renamae it. I made a little tutorial that shows how to install & use CianoDock. You can find it on the bottom of the webpage. http://www.lucianopalladino.com/public/cianodock.html
  10. Sorry, I was out for this week-end. Well your problem it's very weird. I'm currentrly using Win7 7100 and also the 7600 and everuthings works. The first thing that came in my mind is, for create new links you do not have to hold CTRL key if you do not do that, well still weird. Anyway I'm making a video where I show step by step about: downloading, installing it, built groups, links changing icons and backgrounds (and create new one). patient a little bit when I'll finish this tutorial video so it can guide you about using it. also I'm working so I'm doing it on my spare time) Thanks about us
  11. well sorry, probably I should specify that, that "hotkey" it's for Hide 'n Show! I'm polishing it step by step...
  12. firecracker6: I put CianoDock on my old computer (windows xp sp3...) I installed Firefox just to try what you did. Well, I realize that, when you drag&drop any link from the start menu or "all programs menu" everything is ok also the Firefox that is inside "all programs" Instead It's impossible to add as a link the "default browser" link. Like if you set Firefox as the default browser. And this does not depend on me, I just create the Darg&Drop event, so if the language doesn't support it, it's kinda hard to do it anyway try to drad the firefox link inside the "all progrms" menu.
  13. check on the first post about the new version... GameBoyGB: I put it on the topmost becouse when you show it, is when you want to launch an application so it has to be on the top of everything. Most of the time CianoDock has to be hide (default ALT + >) have a nce day.
  14. Humm, interesting...I tried to do it like with a fresh setting(no groups) and open the config window, close and was ok. Then I add a group and did the same thing, and again ok. Add a second group, change icon and then open the config window again and it's ok. I dunno why it's doing it...I want to try on the windows XP. Try to install the framework 2.0 and tell me. I use it everyday with no problem. Anyway thanks for the feedback I'll check on other computers and see if that happen. If you could write me precisely the steps you did, I can see the problem. Thanks. I just tried on a old computer
  15. Sorry I was creating a little website for it! so I changed the download path! sorry again. You can download it at: http://www.lucianopalladino.com/public/cianodock.html For someone that already downloaded it, I suggest to redoit becouse I made few changes. Have fun!
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