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  1. The first one is from one of Dave Brasgallas World Of Aqua sets.. I cant remember which one tho'.
  2. WB.. looking forward to these.
  3. I've been using Ubuntu for about 10 days now, and i really like it. I had some trouble getting my Radeon 9000pro to show 1360x768 on my 32" samsung LCD tv, but i managed do get it done. Right now I'm struggling to get my wireless connection stabile. I have a Asus Wl-167g usb adaptor, and i can't get it to keep the connection to my AP. I have narrowed it down to be a problem with the rt2x00 driver and wpapsk encryption. A lot of people are having these kind of problems.. i hope they'll fix it soon. Other than that, i'm really liking Ubuntu.. It is my first distro, and i think i'll stick with i
  4. I go there quite often too.. No one is ever there.. That's sad.. People need to join inn. We could get a fun channel going.
  5. Oh yea, i forgot.. sorry.. should have remembered that it was you. No need to worry Psychopulse, I am the one who blurred your wallpaper, for personal use- It's not released anywhere. Everything is A-OKAY.. I'm just crappy at remembering whom has made what wallpapers.
  6. Clean/Dirty Theme: Samui Greyed out Icons: Aqau Rev. by Susumu Wall: ?
  7. That is so true.. I remember thinking Blossom was kinda hot.. NOT!!! Aah yes.. I had almost forgotten about Karate Kid.. Man, I have spend so many hours practicing that 'crane' kick he learned from Mr. Miyagi. Aaah the memories...
  8. Congratz on a super'b release Jonzy. Outstanding work.
  9. *licks up the malt liquor godpunk poured out* What ever happed to those guys? and deadzombie? I have Sone on MSN, but its been ages since he has been online.
  10. HEY... I'm on the #aquasoft IRC channel right now. Where is everybody? Nobody ever goes there anymore.. pity Come join the "fun".. Idle with me now.. irc://irc.stardock.com/aquasoft
  11. Jesus / Lucifer Theme: Samui 2.0 - Desat Blue by BZ Icons: Minium by RAD.E8, mixed icons in the Dock Wall: Bluestripes by ?
  12. Perfect! I think the new preview shows that you are really talented, and creative. The new folder looks original too.. I would love to see a full set. Great work so far..
  13. Yea, thanks for a great wallpaper.. A version without text, and a centered logo would be cool. Maybe a version without logo and text.. ?
  14. I like it.. Not too original, but i like it nether the less...
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