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  1. Hi! So here is an updated Hebrew file for version 5.2.2 Hebrew.xml
  2. #bobah Can you please make this that the dock won't show immediately in mouse over, but in a delay of few seconds. Because some times its bugging. Thanks for the awesome work.
  3. How can I know if I have the newest version? I tried to install it again from the link in the first page, and it looks just the same, still I don't seem to have the new preferences dialog neither the sounds. Did I do something wrong with the installation?
  4. Hi! I've made an Hebrew language file. Hebrew.xml
  5. Hi! First I wanna say that I love this app. Now, I added a stack for my Program Files directory, and I'm getting this long list that I can't navigate in, is there any chance you'll make some scroll option or something? Oh, and by the way, how can I move the docklet up? Thanks
  6. kSoft It doesn't work, I mean the program is running, but it doesn't open any of the files (such as My Documents, My Computer etc.), and the pop up window doesn't show up. It doesn't give the option of changing the theme, too. Please refer to this screen shot
  7. Hi first of all, I love this app. But since you don't let us choose the font, it can't display content in Hebrew. Can you fix it somehow? Thanks
  8. I can not be sure if it happened in previous versions, but as long as I remember it haven't. Now it happens in both stack and icon title, and doesn't happen when I don't use the stack but the regular doc. I'm using the Ariel font which suppose to work in Hebrew too. Thank you for this great app and care.
  9. Hey I love this app, and especially the latest version, I'm looking forward to see you adding the my computer to the "special folders" section. Now, I got some problems with Hebrew, it shows question marks instead of words, do you have any idea why and how you can fix it? Thanks
  10. Looks promise. I can't wait to see the full app. Great work, as usual.
  11. Doesn't work well. I have windows vista. although it looks perfect. I love your work.
  12. The link works. but sow do I install it? and how does it work?
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