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  1. A superb collection of utilities and desktop enhancements, Winstep Xtreme will change the way you work with Windows forever. Roughly 1 year in the making, the official upgrade to Winstep Xtreme v9.5 is finally here! Winstep Xtreme v10.6 features the same modern and clean User Interface with multi-language support that you can find in the free version of the Winstep Nexus dock. v10.6 has so many new features in relation to v9.5 that listing them all becomes impossible - just try the new release, you will love it! Winstep Xtreme offers a free 30 day trial and is available from $28.45. W
  2. Winstep has released Nexus v10.4 (and Nexus Ultimate v10.4). The Winstep Nexus Dock is a FREE professional dock for Windows. With Nexus, your most frequently used applications are only a mouse click away - and Nexus turns working with your computer into a FUN and enjoyable experience once again. Nexus includes every feature you’d expect from a dock, including widgets, mouse-over effects, skins, drag-and-drop, and even others not available in most other docks, such as live icon reflections, in-dock system tray, Vista Aero Glass effects, and much more. Completely customizable, Nexus has tho
  3. Sorry for the delay in replying. Check THIS out then.
  4. Yes, if necessary the dock will automatically adjust icon size to make sure it fits on the screen, but only down to the absolute minimum of 16x16 - after that the dock has no choice but to allow itself to extend off-screen. When automatically adjusting the icon size, the height of the dock obviously changes with it. Since the reserved screen space is relative to the dock height (obviously talking about an horizontal dock here), the space available for maximized windows will change too, which might cause them to 'blink' when changing sizes to take advantage of the newly available space. O
  5. How many XWD specific skins are there? What is so special about the XWD skinning format that the author had to come up with its own format? Just asking, really. You're sure you're running v10.4? I did some work on that for v10.4, and when you drag the item over the dock for the first time the icons should now shift smoothly to make room. Unfortunately they still do 'jump' a bit when you then switch insertion points, is that what you meant? Hard to fix with the current dock magnification algorithm, but I'll give it a try as soon as I have a bit more time to work on that.
  6. You mean something like this? Nexus Ultimate allows you to create as many docks and nested sub-docks (so you can categorize your items) as you want, features a tabbed dock (Shelf), etc...! Nexus is compatible with skin formats for all relevant 3rd party docks (RocketDock, Yz Dock, MobyDock, RK Launcher, ObjectDock). This said, I have no idea if XWD have their own proprietary skin format, but, if they do, so does Winstep - in fact, Winstep's skinning format allows the use of complex dock overlays and other niceties for truly amazing dock backgrounds. I haven't started pushing
  7. Nexus Preferences -> Advanced -> Misc.Advanced -> Disable 'Show Balloon tooltips on mouseover...'
  8. The right-click context menu of systray applets is not 'mine' to handle - it's generated by the applications themselves. Actually, I seem to remember this being a problem with the Windows taskbar itself too? Anyway, this said, I see one of two *probable* solutions although I haven't tried them: 1. Try setting the Windows taskbar to Always On Top. 2. Do NOT set the dock to Always On Top.
  9. If you are getting the forecast, that could be a temporary glitch with the NOOA/METAR servers, which usually provide the current weather conditions (forecast itself is always provided by Weather.com, and, when there is no METAR code for that specific location, may also provide current conditions). What does it say on the forecast tooltip?
  10. Thanks for letting me know! I was under the impression that you were telling the firewall to let Nexus through and that the command wasn't sticking. Anyway, yes, the Weather module needs an Internet connection to retrieve weather information.
  11. You're not using the magnify effect, are you? If you were, it would use the icon size specified for max magnification (128x128 pixels by default). You're also missing the 48x48 icon format in your shiira icon, otherwise that would be the image used instead of the 32x32 version - you can blame Windows for this, as it will do the same thing.
  12. Zexe, you still didn't comment on the performance enhancements... Did you try disabling system tray icon groupping already to see if you can indeed notice the increased performance in comparison to v10.3 (it should be really noticeable on very large docks)?
  13. You'll have to change the skin itself, then.
  14. Nothing. I felt tempted to add that feature to this release, but, if you think carefully, that change makes much more sense if I also modify the task management abilities of the dock to be more like those of the Windows 7 taskbar. Doing that would take too long, so this feature will have to wait for a future release...
  15. Try decreasing the spacing between icons from the default 8 pixels - it also controls vertical distance from background edges.
  16. I would say that is a bug with the PC Tools firewall.
  17. Thanks! Please let me know if you find any further issues with v10.4 - you can find a complete list of changes, additions and fixes in the history file located at C:\Program Files\Winstep\.
  18. Ooops! Fixed, thanks! That link to v10.4 is still a pre-release - the update manager will notify you when the official version comes out.
  19. Hey Zexe! Could you please download and install Nexus 10.4 from HERE? Would like to know what you think of the performance enhancements before releasing the official version - docks should magnify much faster now, test it out by un-groupping your dock tray icons.
  20. Yes, it does, and you're right. But I have to solve the issue anyway. Nope. The splash screen is there mainly so users get some instant feedback when they launch Nexus manually. To put it into perspective, the time taken to display it is a drop of water in the Atlantic ocean.
  21. Well, lets see: dock magnification for tiled backgrounds is up to *5* times faster, and for single bitmap backgrounds up to *3* times faster (not a guess, actually measured). Not bad, heh? This should take care of any 'slugishness' issues with very large docks. Of course, if you turn on *all* the effects at the same time, then I can't garantee anything (for instance, the blurring of semi-transparent dock backgrounds in Vista/Win7 can cause the dock to magnify a bit slower the first two or three times you do it, as the background bitmap needs to be scanned for semi-transparent regions before
  22. You can solve the issue in one of two ways: 1. Set the Windows taskbar to auto-hide. That will prevent it from reserving screen space. 2. Set Nexus NOT to respect reserved screen space when docked: Nexus Preferences -> Behavior -> Advanced -> 'Respect space reserved by other docks...'
  23. Thanks for standing up for me, Zexe. This said, he is right - it should be optional. As for updates... working on the dock magnification algorithm and some other stuff with lots of 'speed up' potential.
  24. Not currently, sorry... But come on, it's such a tiny splash screen...! ;-)
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