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  1. i love genius its amazing, for a person like me who has way more tracks then they can listen to it helps so much because ive got so much different music for different moods im in...and so it helps me collate all like tracks so easily and now with the new firmware update i also have genius on my iPhone soo good
  2. What are the best apps to customize mac leopard gui? What are the best sites to go to for releases of skins for mac leopard? these are my two questions, i just moved over to mac so im noob atm and dont know how to do anything, all ive managed to do is install CandyBar and i still dont know where i can find all icontainer releases any help would be great
  3. the apps install fine for me and i installed all my apps of 2.0.2
  4. can we get back on topic please, i just wanna know if anyone has installed Leo4All and if it worked for them and a few comments about it
  5. i am looking for someone who can give me their opinion on putting Mac OS X 10.5.2 on their PC, i want to know if you have done it, how successful it was and also the difference in performance to an XP computer. i have an AMD X2 4200+ Processor 2GB of DDR Ram Nvidia 8600GT 256MB i just wanted to know if it was worth me going to all the trouble of downloading and installing it, btw im going to be using: Leo4Allv3-10.5.2 Universal AMD/INTEL[sSE2/SSE3]. I have done some research and it looks like the most stable version for my hardware. So just wanted to know who has tried it so i can ta
  6. ok kool i can use IconWorkshop as well yes?
  7. yes true, the thing i find is that i cannot replicate the beveled look very well in a .ico but it works fine in a .bmp :S dunno why
  8. yes i have, but its different. it doesnt have as much detail as a .bmp does. thats what i want..
  9. thats what i am doing now, however i want the system tray icons to look like the .bmp when i use the objectbar shortcuts..but seems not possible atm...and i did register at HGUI but they banned me for no real reason
  10. 2 Screenshots in 2 Days what does it mean? it means im extremely bored http://trancegraphics.deviantart.com/art/02-07-08-90395082
  11. im looking for a decent sized can or drink bottle .psd...at least 500x500px. i need it for a school design project where we have to make a label for a drink can. and ive already looked at TomTom's Slurm psd. i was looking for something thinner and taller mayb? any help would be great Cheers
  12. very nice. this made me lol so hard. our school is pretty slack and they dont care if you use proxies. but finding the unblocked ones is the hard part. a few that i use are: hideonline.net unblockwebs.info sipifi.com they are not blocked at my school and i have found our school blocks proxies the fastest. well at least in Australia. so those 3 are 3 proxies that still havent been discovered
  13. http://sketched-dreams.deviantart.com/art/...ra-PHT-79036217 you mean that? do u mean follow the layout to get a compressed mini version of the skin? thanks for the comments ppl
  14. i have the same problem with the black line. i find it goes away after a few contacts come online
  15. im making a coversutra skin from scratch. just wanted to know what you thought. and i know everyone makes it look exactly the same so anyone who can give me some ideas that you think would make this skin unique. Feel free to do so HERE IT IS:
  16. lol it may be a rip off but i got a mate who works in telstra so i get unlimited free credit. so i love it
  17. yehh i did it, i linked my spotlight icon to the trigger.cmd and now it works fine except a little command prompt window pops up every time i click it but i guess i will just have to live with that
  18. so by doing this, when i click the MacSearch_trigger.exe on the dock, it will popup on my toolbar?
  19. ok, yehh i just tried it and didnt work. oh well i just thought it would be kool to have an instant search in XP but i guess i need vista for that...
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