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  1. Thank you atreiu And sorry to have posted in the wrong thread... By Panta: moved along with the previous post. Thank you atreiu This is works perfectly ! By Panta: merged.
  2. Hi everybody, I can't rename labels in stack. Is there the possibility to rename them ? Because I've created a folder on my HDD called "Applications" with some shortcuts of ".exe" files. In XWD, I made a stack with this folder. But the names aren't the good ones: ex: Word is named "wordicon", Excel > "xlicon"... I can edit the icons but not the labels... Many thanks for your help... and sorry for my bad english ! By Panta: moved. This is the right thread for finding help... :slant:
  3. Hi everybody, Here an update of the French translation made by Krogher with some corrected errors. Enjoy ! By Panta: for XWD version 5.2.3 Fran├žais.xml
  4. This is a very good news ! Now, i'm waiting next release !
  5. Hi everybody, First, i'm sorry, i'm french and my english is very bad... @ BOBAH13 : Your app is really great ... but i have two problems with it. Because my english is very bad, i guess pictures will be better than a big text. 1- Stacks.jpg I have made a folder with shortlinks of programs named... "Applications". I'd changed some icons and name of this shortlinks. On Rocketdock with stack docklet, this works perfectly. But with XwindowsDock, this is the names and icons of the ".exe" who appears in the stack and in poor quality. 2- xwindowsDock02.jpg I have a big problem
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