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  1. Couldn't it be dangerous to have auto extract in case of viruses?
  2. First shot on here for months. Sorry for awful preview.
  3. Thanks! That KAWSquared is just an idiot, so I just ignore him. Like in the recent 'Explorer coverflow' thread, he posted: and in the 'Photobooth Clone' thread he posted: In this case, the solution to his problem had been posted on the previous page. Both were really good applications, and he criticises them because he's an ignorant and negative boy who contributes nothing himself.
  4. Click to view and download at deviantART.
  5. First shot on here for ages.
  6. Are you changing the icons of the files themselves or are you making shortcuts to the movies and changing the icons of the shortcuts? I'd recommend the second way. My Styler icon settings Icon Size = 128px Horizontal Spacing = 72px Vertical spacing = 86px The shelves background is the most annoying bit to get right, you have to keep tweaking it in Photoshop. Here's what my PNG icons look like before putting them into .ico's through Converticon.com If you do want my PSD file just ask.
  7. Hi. The first link is my screenshot, so I could help you. Windows? Got Photoshop? I'll send you my PSD if so...
  8. Not really. I do listen a lot to soundtrack (original motion picture scores) a lot though, which is quite similar in a way.
  9. You're an idiot. At least read through the thread for how to sort it, before you call a very good program 'crap'. I'd like to see you make a better Photobooth clone.
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