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  1. Wow, I never see trolls around here. Anyway, I don't see coming the day that localhost will show up.
  2. I also have a HP Keyboard, and doesn't work here neither. It is also funny that when I hit the Help key, it only shows a page telling me to add a function to that key, and I have no idea how to do that.
  3. I'm not chinese, it's way too easy to distinguish original software and pirated software here. Original: Comes on CD boxes, customized CD label and has manuals. Counterfit: Comes in a crappy bag with black and white paper, and has the Sony or Samsung logo label on it.
  4. In Mexico... And thanks for your replies, now I feel safe about installing WindowBlinds.
  5. Today I bought Stardock's WindowBlinds on a CD when returning from work. It cost me $40 dollars, but I came from work very pleased with it. So, I am about to install it, but I asked myself, How am I going to go back to the VisualStyles that I installed with TuneUp Utilities? And by original Visual Styles I don't mean the crappy Luna theme, I mean the skins that you can get here at devianTART. I prefer throwing 40 bucks to the trash than formatting again. Hope you can answer my question. PS: How do I make WindowBlinds to only run in my user account?
  6. Well, I have no digital cameras at my work, but I can tell you that I always eat a healthy Sub at Subway (just because it is in front of the building).
  7. That sometimes happens with some Visual Styles, try downloading a different VS.
  8. It's better than the one I'm currently using, but the scrollbar should be different: abitbol.org/macosx/leopard/leopard05.jpg
  9. It's pretty good, and don't worry, neXPlorer was already buggy.
  10. Well, there're some widgets that let you change the week starting day to any. Sunday, in Mexico. (all my calendars say sunday)
  11. This is definately a great job, thanks!
  12. That's just for replacing Ctrl, Alt and the Win key with the Apple ones. I don't think that there's any legal way to make ObjectBar "free", but anyways I don't like ObjectBar, there should be another way. And please, DON'T recommend FlyakiteOS, it looks like the bastard son of Win98 and Mac OS Panther.
  13. I think this was done with Yahoo! Widgets: "en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yahoo_Widgets#Default_Included_Widgets
  14. Right click on an empty space on your desktop, then on properties, then Appearance and click Advanced. Browse one by one of the options there and check if the I button is checked. Easier way: Right click on an empty space on your desktop, then on properties, then Appearance, change to any other Visual Style and then apply. Then change it to the Visual Style you had before and click accept.
  15. Celebreating that landvermesser hasn't released a new version of Finderbar for exactly one year, I'm posting a new help thread about his app. Ok, what I wanted to do was to add ChaosShut to the Apple menu>Shutdown, log off, reboot, etc. I followed landvermesser's steps (edit finderbar.ini , go to CustomAppToLaunch and copy shortcuts, then edit menu.ini) but when I save it and test, it does nothing. Can you help me?
  16. Hell, you can even use iTunes Store by clicking the little arrow that appears when you click the song to search for song, genre, album, artist and even year. Also, you can try foxytunes.com/planet
  17. I opened them with XN and I only notice two things that doesn't appear when using ResHacker: First two bitmaps are: iTunes icon iTunes icon's shadow Additional line that says "XP Theme Manifest" with this text: BTW, there are traffic lights on the iTunes.dll , but they aren't used. And wating for localhost to release a new Multi-Plugin version is like waiting to see the real Santa Claus on Christmas.
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