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  1. This is aimed more at the site admin, how is this site hosted? is it shared or dedicated? i run a VB forum and im about to move it to a VPS, should speed things up no end. do you have plans in place now for the site getting busier?
  2. OK, this one is just bizzare. If I play some music on my PC, the music and every single sound that also gets played gets sped up. For example, if I play a track, thats sped up, and so is MSN when I get a new message sound. If I stop playing the music, the sound on MSN (or whatever else) returns to normal. Very bizzare. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling Winamp, but that didn't work. Then I tried VLC, that did the same. Thinking it was just down to that, I tried www.panadora.com. It did the same thing then too. Stopping short of reinstalling my sound card, I'm stumped. Any ideas?? I'v
  3. As of this weekend, I'm running Windows Vista RC1 on my home PC. Anybody else tried Vista yet? Cheers.
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