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  1. Raginwald is what my name (Ronald) would have been in old ye olde language in this area. Like it would have been Reynold in old English. To go even further back; From the Old norse, composed of the elements meaning "Advice; decision; the gods" and "ruler". Thus: I rule.
  2. I have found another one, called 'TrayStack' on http://www.chrisnsoft.com/ This puts all the systray icons in a (standalone) stack, so they will only be shown after you click the stack. I prefer this one because i dont like all those little icons on my dock
  3. try the ouzo there, very good stuff
  4. Sure Beriadon! dont remember the artist, but I think it came from DeviantArt here goes:
  5. no more docks! ive got everything i need in taskbar+findexer now ^^
  6. in the netherlands they just started airing the simpsons again, from the first till the last season. amen to that!
  7. I've already had some kind of docklet like that, it was supposed to be a complete media player, but the play/pause/ff/rew buttons didnt work, only scrolling the volume. http://www.wincustomize.com/skins.aspx?skinid=6360&libid=29 if yours would work with play/pause also, itd be great
  8. On vista, use clearglazz to enable other VS. and Leftsider(freeware) will get your buttons on the left. Nothing else.
  9. FF3 is incompatible with half of my add-ons, it needs a good skin, and it isnt that much faster. welcome back FF2
  10. The Netherlands are going to win the European Soccer Championship, I'm telling ya!
  11. I suppose you could extract the images from the XP .msstyle, and paste them into the right parts of a vista .msstyle with restorator. Also check if the file types are in the right format. But that is kind of like doing all of the work yourself, so maybe there is someone with a better solution for you.
  12. looks more like south-african to me, which is quite similar to dutch;) as for the leopard finder-look.. also a leopard VS would be useful to get those nice traffic light buttons http://manneman.deviantart.com/art/My-Leopard-76487910
  13. its more like chip-tuning it, and getting rid of unnecessary weight
  14. you can change the icons, though sadly enough not their size. real dividers can indeed not be added, but a link to a __-named folder also does the job. not the best, but thats why we keep waiting for a program like that, right?
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