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  1. Hi All ! sorry to be out for a long time... i was (and i'm again) busy with my work. But be happy, soon i will have no more job ,i will have more time...but less money...so if you want to make me a donation your welcome... No, it's a joke (about the donation, not about my job). scissorhands7, wonderful thread about stack docklet and standalone stack ! thank you ! So, here is a new version ( download from the first page of this thread ) : 2.0.7 - Open speed improvement. Check "keep in memory when stack is closed" to activate cache. The file list is not reloaded from
  2. hum, it's not possible in the option, but you can change the value of "Start video preview at" and set 9000. If you video is less than 9000 secondes (2h30), it will show no preview
  3. New : 2.0.6 - small release before my holidays - Stacks can now overides default options - Add X,Y offset to set open position with mouse ( old version 2.0.5 can be found here :old 2.0.5 )
  4. Just to tell my opinion, sorry for Matonga, but i prefer DExpose2 which is faster to activate, and windows thumbnails are exposed always in the same place and free too. ( http://devrexster.googlepages.com/dexpose2 )
  5. @CitizenOne I'm Very happy to help you and your friend, and again, thanks to Matonga too. i've updated the thread just after your post to write that the control panel works too now. So, all is good for you !
  6. New : 2.0.5 - fix release - Thanks to Matonga for his help ! - fix the bug with shortcuts, "office" like shortcut works now, i hope the others too... - fix the bug with files without extension ( explorer option : "hide file extension for know file types" ) and custom icons - Config panel shortcuts work now in windows XP
  7. OK, i've reproduced the bug with a shortcut of office 2007 copied from the start menu. that's because it's not a "standard" shortcut, if you look its properties, no can see no program path. i suppose the bug is only for this kind of shortcut ? ( no program path, no start folder ) i'm searching for a fix...
  8. @dieter1 have you disabled the arrow icon of the shortcut ? or done some hack with shortcuts ?
  9. Thanks, i think, it's a bug. By default windows doesn't show the extension, but i always turn off this option to show all extensions, so i haven't seen this bug. You can disable this option in the explorer->folder option->uncheck "Hide extensions for known file types". however, i will try to fix this bug.
  10. OK, next release ( or next ) will be multilingual. @biznotcher have you disabled the arrow icon of the shortcut ? or done some hack with shortcuts ? i don't understand this bug, for so few users... Yes, it's from Snow Leopard, so beautifull , we need an update from Matonga to have this in the options, uncheck "keep in memory when stack is closed" to unload standalonestack.exe. Kill this process and try again if it doesn't work the first time.
  11. New : 2.0.4 - better folder browsing. you can now explore drive, drive shortcut, directory shortcut and zip fles in stack. - new "go back" icon - and the text is now "Go Back <previous folder>" - go back to first folder : hold CTRL key while clicking on "Go Back" ( old version 2.0.3 can be found here :old 2.0.3 )
  12. yes, and in the option, check "use custom icons". In the standalonestack directory, there is a subdir named "images" where there are some png (examples). these png are the custom icons : .txt.png for example is the custom icon for all .txt files. folder.png is icon for all folders. you should specified the name of the stack item with .png at the end to do a custon icon, for example : my precious documents.png to associate your folder "my precious documents" to this icon. ':' is deleted in the name, so the name "local drive (c:)" should be associate to <local drive (c ).png>
  13. New : 2.0.3 - fix release - fix the bug reported by Smaky : stack doesn't open. - you can now open many stacks at same time ( check "don't close stack on focus lost" )
  14. new 2.0.2 : - option : don't close stack on focus lost. ( run shortcut again to close the stack )
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