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  1. So, really, Microsoft is just phoning it in now, aren't they?
  2. WHAT!?!? You can't make a living off of Rock Band!?! What about Halo!? What about Tetris?!? Pong? Super Mario Bros?!? Then what's the point! :slant:
  3. Safari 4 is only for developers. You can get it from http://connect.apple.com if you signed up for a Dev account. I actually like Chrome more than any other browser on my Windows machine. FireFox is slow, Safari is sluggish, and I don't even touch IE. Hopefully they enable more CSS properties in the future.
  4. Coming soon! iPhone Firmware 2.0.3! Do you have sensitive data? Do you have an iPhone? Do you have sensitive data that you password lock your iPhone? Well then, good news! Anyone can access it! If you would like to keep your private data private, go to Settings -> General -> Home Button and set the option to "Home", NOT "Favorites". iPod touch uses not seeing this and questioning why you don't see the "Home Button" option, I would like to reiterate that I said "iPhone".
  5. Do not discuss piracy on Aqua-Soft. Offending member has been banned for three days. As for free, not unless an older version is hosted on a downloads site that the author did not update. The program is not shareware. So, please buy it to support the author if you want to use it.
  6. MediaMan. I haven't used a new version in a long while (I also noticed it is not freeware anymore). But the functionality was very similar to Delicious Library, almost too identical.
  7. Yep. More places to use the landscape mode and horizontal keyboard, support for more video codecs, customizable backgrounds (I am getting so sick of a black background), a different better looking dock (*insert my "give me back my reflective dock" song and dance*), stricter quality control in the App Store, fix the App Store on the iPhone (New apps are hardly "new", number of downloads don't work and can only view one screenshot), be able to read full descriptions and comments on YouTube app (hesitant about the comments, since everyone that does so sounds like a complete moron, but it would b
  8. Put the beer down, for once!
  9. Seriously, how much of a moron do you need to be to go all "OMG!!!1 APPLE IS BIG BROTHRZ WITH TEH KILLZ SWITC!!!111ONE" and "WFTF!! THYR GOIN TO TRAK MY BUYZZZ!!!!11!1". Have they yet abused it? Have they kept apps from running on your iPhone? Even the ones that were later removed from the App Store? What about killing Jailbreak? No?!? Damn, Apple really sure looks shady with it, huh? Have you ever bought anything through iTunes? Yeah?!? Holy shit! Nothing new! As for 2.0.2, I'll wait until a worthwhile update is available. An update just a mere two weeks after the previous one just screams m
  10. wizard


    Exceptional work on the Joker painting! I'm loving this!
  11. He shouldn't, nor should Apple. The author didn't do anything wrong. Apple didn't do anything wrong (legally). It was the user that initiated the purchase. Whether they did it on accident, or as some of them have put it, buying it as a joke, it is still their fault. Now, I just hope that Apple has learned from this and will be more strict on what they accept, albeit, apps-wise, not programmers.
  12. It would be humorous if there were already quality apps available in the App Store. Right now, it is just filled with useless crap that are no more than glorified web apps (granted, there are some diamonds in the rough, but they are few and far between). Apple is really dropping the ball on their App Store. Many great developers and apps are being declined for no reason, yet they let pointless and terrible apps like this make the cut? There were easily more quality apps available through jailbreaking before the switch to 2.0 than there are in the current official App Store. I will feel the nee
  13. Are you freaking kidding me?!? That's horseshit! Apple probably just saw the price-tag on it, and passed it through.
  14. That was a wasteful 300 MB download. Green artifact still there on lyrics fadeout, mail still not working, and same fugly dashboard dock.
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