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  1. Final version is out!
  2. Download Dream for Win7
  3. Beta 3 is out! The system files are working only on x64 version of windows 7! Also to make the theme working out well you have to use all three system files (explorer.exe, shell32.dll, explorerframe.dll) Of course you can modify the system files to make them work on x86 versions too! The theme now have many changes since the last beta 2 but it still have some bugs and some unfinished images. Note that you can still download the previous version (beta2) for both x86 & x64 Hope you like it guys and of course comments and Leopard screenshots are welcomed ---------------
  4. I really like this update The only "missing" feture is the indicators cause i use x64 win7 and they don't show up and the "show on mouse over" cause when a window is on full screen you have to miminize it to show and use the dock Btw are my wallpapers actually reflected on the dock? If so this is awesome and now the dock looks and feels like the real leopard one Thank you again for your hard work.
  5. Download •Crescendo• Theme for Win7
  6. Download Theme & Info
  7. Look at the link below for new Updates />http://giannisgx89.deviantart.com/art/Progress-1-4-2010-159150035
  8. Hey i'm really glad that you like it.
  9. Hello everyone! Few days back i started my project to make windows 7 look like Snow leopard with some small modifications (better images than snow leopard imo) Before you say that there is already a mac os x theme for windows 7 and it is the best, i can surely tell you that haven't copied anything from any visual style (maybe i copied some inspiration ideas and that's all) and also all the mac os x themes for widows 7 are full of bugs. All the images of the theme are made from scratch with detailed level. Below you can see a sneak peak screenshot of the curent state of the theme...
  10. UPDATE Blue version included!!!
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