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  1. Now is compatible with Windows 7 http://www.vistastylebuilder.com/windows7.html
  2. Hey Bobbah, It will be compatible with Windows7 Jump List??
  3. OMG!! I Cant wait it!! I want the new XWD Now *0*!!
  4. *0* Wonderful W7 Visual Styles support left buttons on title bar? ._. Its basic, aero or both?
  5. Amazing!!! but this is a good or a bad news??? ._.
  6. Today in class of C in University xD I was using Borland C++ 3.1 for windows [05-10-09 08:52:04] Log started [05-10-09 08:52:04] InitDXEngine () ... [05-10-09 08:52:04] Trying dd.CreateSurface (ddsbackbuffer)... [05-10-09 08:52:04] dd.CreateSurface (ddsbackbuffer) succeeded [05-10-09 08:52:04] Trying d3d.CreateDevice (TnLHALDevice)... [05-10-09 08:52:04] d3d.CreateDevice (TnLHALDevice) failed. [05-10-09 08:52:04] Trying d3d.CreateDevice (HALDevice)... [05-10-09 08:55:32] d3d.CreateDevice (HALDevice) succeeded [05-10-09 08:55:32] -->> EnumTextureFormatsProc() [05-10-09 08:55:32] d
  7. I wanted to say width not weight xD. Im sorry LOL the image atached is my suggestion xD
  8. 1st Mozilla Firefox 3.5 (Ad-ons and Skins) 2nd Google Chrome 2.0 (Light and minimalist) 3rd Apple Safari (Better than IE xD)
  9. Firefox is a hungry animal, Its like our RAM but I have 8GB of RAM xD
  10. Suggestion for Stack Doclket 3.0? -Minimize windows in stacks like Snow Leopard
  11. Excelent Update!!! Some sugestion (if you can ): -Esc for exit fullscreen -CoverFlow dont use all weight of the windows when its have Folder Tree or Findexer or Common Folder, etc -When the user clicks some icon the CF do auto scroll
  12. Hi! Someone know how to "Auto Align Desktop Icons" left to right without use third party app?? ._.
  13. Hey Mat!! I found a simple "problem" When I put the cursor over After Effect, Its change text background but when I tried do the same with Fw, Ai,Br and Ps dont happend U_U
  14. Hi Today I found a great Addon for FF 3.0 Chromin Frame, it change title bar and tabs to look more " GoogleChrome". Someone can made somothing like it but with Safari 4 style??
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