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  1. I have google desktop installed using the sidebar feature. Only thing i don't like is it can't be moved or dock to the bottom or top of the screen. I would like to have the ability to dock or move it to the bottom of my screen and have the widgets display horizontal across the bottom of the screen. I think the it would make a formidable widget dock while matching windows7 Aero and theme. If anyone knows a way this can be done please provide information. Regards,Rex
  2. I want to change from tiger desktop themes to leopard desktop themes. How can this be done? I want to change wallpaper and icons. Is there a flyokiteosx config file? Thanks Tjohnx.
  3. I installed flyakiteosx. I love the software. But i'm unable to change my desktop wallpaper. I want to change it to the new leopard desktop wallpaper. I can not change it using the control panel it seems to have disabled the display function to change wallpaper. I've also tried using software to change the wallpaper but after reboot it changes back to the default blue background. Anyone know how to resolve this? TJ,
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