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  1. @matonga: Very good And yes, you have my authorization to use this package! But i can´t speak für apple^^
  2. Do you use the orginal Icons from Leopard or scaled Icons from the 512x512 Icon Pictures? I´ve made a Leopard-Folder-Icon-Pack with the orginal Icon-Resolutions inside, maybe you can try this Download
  3. Try a other browser. Firefox doesnt work for me, but safari did it Nice Rewrite, and i could didn´t find a error
  4. I search the Mac Link Icon in a 512x512 resolution and or as the original icns from leopard I have only the 128x128 version:
  5. Yes, Adobe don´t show the titlebar on these windows: But the little program would be a good thing
  6. Hmm, the Download link at Deviantart worked for me. Have you disabled scripts or something in your browser?
  7. @Matonga Could you add a "doubleclick" barrier for the stacks activating/deactivating, like real Stacks? Because your Stacks are a little buggy, when i make a tripple click on a stack.
  8. @scissorhands7: Have you restart the Explorer? My up button should be shown, when you replaced the default up button... @KSoft: I´m waiting for any Updates - LeftMargin - A configurable Button to start a custom application - language-files for translations - some bugfixes Btw, i´ve updated the Winleopard-Style: http://rockngothalien.deviantart.com/art/W...Style-107161982 - Add Modifications Buttons for a individual Theme-Configuration - Add Addressbar-Highlight to the Folders-Button in the default-theme
  9. It´s possible to hide the other "Photoshop" windows and only show the main-window?
  10. Details^^ I also prefer the Explorer with Addons and i would love to see Coverflow in it. Because the Explorer is very deep in XP integrated and i don´t think it can replaced with a tool like "FingerXP". Only a complete Shell-Replacement will be do this... (Cairo?^^) But nice and fast Preview, Mantoga
  11. Yes, i set some Buttons together: If you want to set a other "Begin", "Middle" or "End" Button, you must it edit by self... Or KSoft add for every Button a "Begin", "Middle" and "End" State. Then i could a advanced the Buttons^^ I could only transform every Button to a single Button, at the moment...
  12. Nice, thanks (and next version LeftMargin?^^) Now i go play with RightMargin
  13. Thanks firecracker6, The addressfield don´t have a "breadcrumb" feature. Only the "folders" button. Breadcrumbs: Xpect0r, The Toolbar don´t have a resize feature at the moment, so you must change the size in the theme.ini under [path] w=300 (WinLeopard & Proto standard^^)
  14. Thanks, that make me happy Now, here is a Proto-Style^^ - Pathbar haven´t a hover effect, yet (don´t look good, atm) - All Buttons in Proto-Style (Firefox) - All Icons from my WinLeopard-Style (maybe i will also change them...) Together-Hanging-Buttons: - Back-Forward-Folders - Icon-List-Tile-Thumbnails-Thumbsize - Info-Newfolder-Delete - Folderstree-Path Download Feature Request/Question: It´s possible to add/integrate buttons over/in the path/searchbars? (For the Hovereffect and maybe for the comming resize-feature)
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