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  1. Here's a couple of screenies
  2. Is there a way to fill in gaps where the background is visible? I have some in the arcade & vaispy sections of my site.
  3. How do I go about adding toplinks? I'm adding an arcade link, I uploaded the image from the ZIP & I copied the code from the calender, I get the link, but no image or text, how do I get these?
  4. I'm getting an ultra wide edit box, I've tried disabling all my addons but nothing happened, any suggestions?
  5. I have it working now, I love it Is it ok if I use a different background colour on my site?
  6. Do I download the skin from a certain forum when I donate, or does it get sent to the paypalemail, because I have to use my mom's paypal account as I have no credit card, so if it's sent by email please tell me & I'll PM you my email.
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