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  1. Thought I would post it Tell me what you think it's only in 1280 1024 but just request if you want one any other size just didn't want to do it if I didn't have to.
  2. Hey Guys, Yesterday I was making the change from ObjectDock to RK Launcher:) and everything seems great but... When I copied my files( .dll's .conf's) into the startup folder to get it to run on startup, I tried to restart the program to see if it would work through the startup folder but when I shut down the program I got this message "Access to C:?Documents and Settings/MacRulesWorld/Start Menu/Programs/Startup/RK Launcher.conf was denied" This also occurs when I try to make a change but when I use the original version everything works fine just not the copies The dock still
  3. Hey, Does anyone have a high quality current startup sound for the exchange in the start up sound that XP has Remember High Quality (if possible) Thanks
  4. Did you try the Program Files alteration? EDIT: That was ignorant stating that this is for XP when I'm in the Vista discussion Quick links have Disadvantages also
  5. Depending whether you're talking in the music player or in the system here are some solutions In the Music player -The graphic for each individual file type and others are probably in the program files. Just go into the folder that holds all the program graphics and find the graphic you are wishing to change and make sure your graphic is the same format as the other graphic (look in properties or in the pop up menu when you scroll over) and change Change the whole system graphic type -Go into My Computer and go to the top menu bar where you see a selection that says 'Tools', click that. Whe
  6. Okay, 3 Questions, 1. What is the cleanest looking font for a Windows XP machine with Clear-Type on it that looks and feels pretty close to a Mac and is proportionate when sized down in smaller situations. 2. How do you change that font to the system font. 3. Lastly, .DLL's like GDI++ and maybe something else would make the font look like a Mac because they did it with Safari on a Windows XP and Vista (text rendering) with something so how would you harness this energy and how to install and utilize this power?(Install guides or modification instructions) Thanks
  7. yeah the processor will make it fast but memory is the thing that makes it kick!
  8. Just go 2.4 ghz it doesn't make a big difference and it's much cheaper plus just get a 320 gb internal HD and buy a Western Digital 500 gb My Book Essential Edition 2.0 for time machine and portable storage if you have a laptop or for any other reason. Keep everything else the same (with 24" screen) $1899 The external HD in the Apple store is $139.95 Check it out Extreme in the processor isn't much difference just is called Extreme for .4 more ghz of power you won't notice much of a difference
  9. Okay i changed all those thing now how?
  10. Okay a V 2.0 It's much better No reflections and black background this time Also higher dpi icons and higher resolution so no more bluriness Both sizes are in the attachment but a preview you can look at Wallpaper.zip
  11. cool i'll work on all those things and post some new wallpapers What size do you want them?
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