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  1. No, it's not a question of an effect. The minimize and restore effect work great. I'll explain step by step : 1- Start Firefox from the icon in the dock ( now firefox is running ) 2- Now I minimize my firefox page ( genie effect to the dock ) 3- Now I want to restore my Firefox page : there is where my problem. I want to restore my minimized firefox page and clicking the firefox program icon in the dock. ( step 1 ) Sorry for my english Julien
  2. I really love your new version ! I was using Rocketdock for a long time, but now I've switch. The only thing I can't figure, is how I can minimize a firefox page and restore it by clicking on the firefox program icon. ( the one I use in the dock to start the program ). The option I was using in rocketdock was "Open running application instance" I tried in preference to use : "What to do when clicking" -> Either activate or run and only Run but It don't work. The font in the grid stack is not very sharp. This dock is near perfect ! Thank you Julien (sorry for my english)
  3. I have the same problem ! It's very annoying me. I would like to use Styler Toolbar so much but every time I use a 3d program and switch back in the desktop , the toolbar disapear I also have a nvidia card . 7900gtx Plz someone can fix this ?
  4. plz put UberIcon Effect in pidlshortcut ! Would be nice to have an effect when opening the folder ! thx
  5. bump so ? what happened ? someone find a way to correct this ? It would be very appreciated
  6. I like the MirrorDock name, maybe just MDock could be great.
  7. I had the same problem as you with objectbar and solved it the same way... (useless post) : /
  8. I have the same problem as you. As soon as I start a fullscreen game, it make that invisible toolbar. Pretty annoying. win xp pro (updated)
  9. Work great ! Thx no more big yellow ugly folders behind thumbnails pictures. BTW, Is anyone use any larger thumbnails icon preview ? It's sad that they become scaled and blurry in the preview folder. Maybe someone have a clue to this ...
  10. Is it possible to get some already pack icon made in PNG for my rocketdock ?
  11. Any download mirror for this one ??
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