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  1. All right, managed to get it working and it looks... like on the screenshot: Fantastic I like it that's great, can't wait for Icons and amsn skin
  2. woaw great, I'm installing it right now. I'll let you know about murrine cause I never used it for now, I'll try on my SuSE. Thanks Karma
  3. great absolutely great!!!!! That's agood app to help moving from explorer to another file browser by changing WIN+E. Thank you Rimmer!!
  4. what about Trackmania?? that's a great game to!!!
  5. Yes styler does right-align but I got a little problem with it because it just apply an offset to the desktop icons which means that when a column is full (on the right) the new icons are placed outside the screen (on the right). Is there a way to modify this behaviour so that new icons are placed on the left when right align?? Thank NC for re-opening the thread
  6. Hi all, I'm using a dock that is on the left side of my desktop. It's enoying because new icons on the desktop are put from "top left" to "bottom left" so after 6 - 7 icons, they ares placed under the dock and hardly selecable (see screen shot) Is there a way to make the icons to reoganise the desktop icons from "top right"?? like in OSX Thanks all
  7. Hi SpyGamer, I have a little technical question: Can we use two different indexes for search? One that is for local files and one that is for remote files. I explain: I'm on a network of 20 people sharing files on a fileserver. I would like each computer to maintain it's own index for local files(including the fileserver). By sharing the index of the fileserver with other computers, users would be able to search on their computer AND on the fileserver without having to index it. Imagine if every computer wanted to index the fileserver... the network would be down quickly (we have more than 2
  8. Just to illustrate what I mentioned before, here is a screenshot of what I had when I right clicked on a file and used "send to" => "send via email": My shortcut on top of the dock links to C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOFFICE11OUTLOOK.EXE The item on the bottom of the dock links to: C:PROGRA~1MICROS~2OFFICE11OUTLOOK.EXE
  9. The application takes a long time to launch drawing is slow (on resize, switching applications) when navigating it says "Recherche des informations en cours" for 2 sec to display the list (in list mode) and sometimes longer for big folders (like programm files) It takes 5 sec to display the columns mode (that I can understand it's slow because advanced) On the screenshot, you'll see that some drive names are not displayed (I didn't named my C and D, but E and F are named), also the control pannel doesn't have a name. You'll see also that the length of the folder name should be shorter t
  10. c'est assez joli dit donc, mais de mon coté c'est super lent... super super lent même... I continue in English I said it looks good but it's slow.. very very slow for me to display. When resizing I can see all layers drawing, changinf from list to icons (vise versa) is really slow... not really easy to use BUG: when using ALT+TAB, the content of the window is not redrawing until I mouseover an element Thanks for this APP, needs a little improvement but great potential My config by the way: Sempron 2400+ 512Mo DDR MSI Radeon 9600 Pro 256Mo Windows XP SP2
  11. Bug regarding the "Instances" I think it's something small to solve: I have FireFox in my dock linking to C:Program FilesMozilla Firefoxfirefox.exe When I click on a link from Thunderbird or when I double clik on an HTML file, it create another instance of Firefox with C:Progra~1Mozill~1firefox.exe Done with RKL 246
  12. I had the same problem, with VLC and a game (TrackMania). I had a black screen in state of the video or 3D rendering. I tried to update Directx but nthing chenged. I uninstalled Flyakite and everything went fine.
  13. I just tested on RK Launcher and it seems it can not define the docklet icon. I'm using RK latest nightly build (246) See the attached file:
  14. Pfff stupid you... kick ban mode = ON
  15. Sounds good for me and If this function can be called periodicaly so that if we are disconnedted and reconnected, we dont have to do "refresh data" to get the weather or RSS updated
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