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  1. Thanks Man, Awesome Work! A++++
  2. I preferred the other version of your skin. This skin is good if your icons are massive. Thanks anyways!
  3. Well since i dont know any codes ill try to help this way. -Instead of magnifying only 3 icons the leopard dock magnifies 5 icons (or make it customizable). - Make it magnify in and out quicker. And as u mention CPU usage XwindowsDock.exe is using 16,000K of Memory and Object dock is using 8,000K of Memory. Im just saying this because it can be possible. Just i dont know how cause im no programmer or developer. Im just what we call feedback if i were to buy your product. Hope this helps in anyway !
  4. @ AndrewYY See if stacks show up faster if u deselect "Use icon"folder" from skin in the icon tab. Cause this worked for me. Things i must say: Effects for stack and grid are EXCELLENT no more to improve there. Only thing im concerned about still is the magnification effect, it still bothers me, still not as smooth as other docks. Download objectdock and see what i mean. Its another level of smoothness lol. So right now i just disabled the magnification. Thanks for great updates, later when this product is finished u can take advantage and make good money =) Ohh and it would be nice i
  5. I prefer BOBAH13 version of the stack over Matongas Stack. The only problem i deal with is the smoothness of the magnification vs objectdocks.
  6. Its an ok update but the magnification seems worse for me, yah i know its good to be all positive and exited for this but im just giving yah my opinion.
  7. Nope , but i remember it being a win 7 style.
  8. The only thing the dock needs is for the magnification and stack effects to be more improved and this will make many people happy + donate for your dock. Thanks for making my desktop look great.
  9. I think im getting better at this
  10. Lol im checking this thread everyday to see when the websites comes out and when animations are gonna be improved. And hope matonga and BOBAH13 team up for the animations part. Can't wait for the good news ! Thanks
  11. First mod ever, hope its good like the rest! Please comment! Thanks
  12. Dont like the seporator, and the dock overall doesn't seem natural. Lol sorry just my opinion. But keep on trying =)
  13. BOBAH13, u don't have to stop developing this dock. First of all ,its created much attention, therefore you should create a website that has a few ads on it and then money starts coming in since that website would surely get much attention. Now can we stop posting until bobah actually responds, because posting noncence and spam posts is not helping. And i guess the magnification smoothness is a bit difficult to fix , ask someone with skill to help you out because they would be willing to. Now can we stop the i love you bobah posts/ we will bow down to him? Its also not helping. Its a good
  14. What ever this means, this guy knows what's he talking about, and i think it can also aid with the stack animations etc for a better user experience. Im gonna start reading books about programming, i feel like doing something lol.
  15. Jesus christ this argument is still going... The post u just made right now was pointless.. Stop arguing over babyish reasons and keep this thread on topic. END IT NOW!!! From now on no garbage posts or i will .........umm i will ....umm ill see what ill do and u wont like it. STOP
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