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  1. http://nanaj.deviantart.com/art/57-I-Have-...rlene-125510432 ...
  2. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
  3. Try searching on limewire and download all of the .exe versions.
  4. I think you should check out the 'pluginpak' on the front page. It's full of really helpful, and self-explanitory plugins. Inputimage and configslider are used by myself alot.
  5. Objectbar or True Launch Bar. Both cost money.
  6. http://nanaj.deviantart.com/art/50-Bubblegum-Music-107916563
  7. Zephi

    PNG Icons

    This layout really does lack professionalism, and overall style. Take that super-busy wallpaper out, and try for something easier on the eyes. Maybe a gradient? Also, are people getting the correct credits for those icons?
  8. Yeah, um... No. If I'm reading the Op's post correctly, this won't get anywhere. (Legal problems, and everything in between) Matonga, I advise you to not even work with some sketchy dude with 10 posts. This dude is claiming that he's in the process of porting an Apple Product to Windows (With no proof at all, may I add.). I hardly believed Raats when he was porting FrontRow.
  9. Sounds like a troll to me. Screenshots or lock.
  10. Ojalord made an installer, I think. I had to do it manually though.
  11. Use GDI++ for font smoothing.
  12. Actually, Matt has a point. He could actually improve that 1000-fold if he used GDI++, and Mac's Lucida Grande font. That statement hardly rude, it's absolutely correct. When you're trying to emulate something, you should strive for a better solution. Of course, aesthetics aren't always the main issue when it comes to emulation. But then again, functionality doesn't seem to be the first priority in this thread either. Also, Arial isn't even used as a system font for OS X.
  13. Will bitmap fonts be abandoned soon?
  14. The whole dock should overlay the reflections, actually.
  15. wat'choo know bout dem lols, son? Also, loled hard.
  16. I believe you just did the same thing. These types of posts can go both ways, you know. Hell, I just did the same myself.
  17. Just because you don't like him doesn't mean that you can pretend that he's wrong about it. That's kinda immature, to be honest. Grow a backbone, and say what you feel about someone's design. Give some critique instead of being a parrot, saying "LOL GOOD JOB, U DID AWESOME LOL". Seeing that utter bullshit fly down a thread until someone gives critique, or says something unpopular but true and catching a bunch of flack for it makes me sick to my stomach. Anyway..... This whole skin is half-baked, and the actual program isn't so great itself. None of the actual graphics meld together, and t
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