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  1. Heh Komalo !! u posted it here too ... cool Waiting for v3 ...
  2. Hola Matonga, perhaps u know this already, but check this video out about the new Snow Leopard stacks... http://s.worldofapple.com/snowleopard_stacksfolders.mov btw, it works fine on win7
  3. @Matonga I will try to do the cos function BTW, can u explain breifly how u r stopping the animation midway if I click on a window while the animation is taking place ?? And whether u know how to screenshot windowblinds borders (applying a bit of transparency ??) ?? Thanks.
  4. You bet it has If thats my self-portrait then I am a latino singer who has his girlfriend playing tennis with his balls
  5. Hi buddy, u still hittin around here. U finally changed ur crappy avatar Thanks for the congrats
  6. Update bump.. Hi happy new year to all of u. I havent posted here for a long time. So welcome back to myself http://devrexster.googlepages.com/dexpose2 thats the new homepage for DExpose2. There is a new version of it. There is a new quick expose feature, and also a task switcher menu ...... Three types of download available - zipped, standalone exe, and installer version. Check the main post for full details. Its working fine in XPsp3 and Vista SP1. I have tried to supress all previous bugs. So have a go at it. I dont know when I will be posting here again .... just thought
  7. Wow thats a tremendous thing to look forward to.:cool:
  8. Why isn't there a separate forum for this app still now ?? I thought it deserved one
  9. Well actually its been a while since I really updated this app - but yeah I am working again, I released a standalone exe version some days ago here. Sorry for not posting about the update .... Ok next version in a few more days - and it will have an exclusion list by exe name @matonga well, u wont believe but I have tried almost everything but some windows like photoshop ones still create problems - so yeah as u said I am going for an exclusion list by exe name.
  10. This new dock-patenting thing by Apple looks mmm .... "aggressive" Please atleast remove the "MacX" portion from this dock's name, just to be on the safe side, I dont want anything to happen to this beautiful app
  11. Awesome-ness !! Thanks for doing this. Maybe at a later date u shud also try to support objectdock docklets. And I thought Pascal was dead .... Great job !!
  12. Anyone needs the offline installer Go Here
  13. Actually a port from a Leopard skin but with a 3d-render to make it look actually like a table. Hope everyone likes it. Download @ DA ( 88Kb ) extract the folder within the zip to ur skins folder.... Preview in attached image
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