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  1. I wish there was a program like that.....
  2. Damn, Is there a multi plugin for iTunes 7.4?
  3. Can some one release a program like this for iTunes. Just to change the exit, minimize, maximize buttons?
  4. Is there? Can it change it to look like the buttons in OS X?(For Firefox) What I mean is, can it put them on the the left side?
  5. Yes, but I don't see any option during install. I've found this:http://www.osxcn.com/firefox/camino-theme-for-firefox.html one, but the other ones look better.
  6. None of those work in the latest FF.....
  7. Sorry to super bump this, but I've been looking for the same thing. Anyone?
  8. The link doesn't work for me. Nevermind, should have read first.
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