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  1. ...those people don't know anything about computers at all also, people who have eyes can see the difference between win vista and win 7, clearly... i think it looks better than vista, and it's/it will be a better os anyway.. but i don't like ribbon! >.<
  2. this is so awesome your the god of icon design
  3. you can change the icons in the apps. sometimes they are simple icon files, e.g. in icq, but most time they are in the exe's of the apps
  4. great work, matonga! everything works fine here (i use Objectdock) , just as i want it to, but i have one suggestion. would an autohide feature be possible? so that it leaves directly under the dock, but hides behind windows? that would be awesome
  5. oh sry, I'm new to the forum^^ ok, I think I'll do that... this docklet is great! so functional
  6. It seems that the "open folder" shortcut doesn't change the text on a fan...: I'm using Objectdock
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