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  1. Very well put together some features that flyakite does not have but is lacking some things such as zoom effect when you click on an icon and I don't like the dock at all
  2. could someone just give me a different link please?
  3. Yea the links work the downloads don't
  4. im using internet explorer use something else?
  5. Ok still says the page cannot be found and i have a PC if you forgot that
  6. Just a crazy idea but could i install tiger on a PC or would that not work?
  7. good website but everytime i click to download something is says the page is not found please help! i really need these screensavers!
  8. Thanks but I have flurry and motion picture looking for beach,cosmos,forest,absract
  9. I need some mac screensavers for windows. i have searched through the forums and the other links have expired please help! Thanks
  10. could you just give me a link please i would really like to try it out.
  11. I would like to request something that is on os x were the background automatically changes after a speically set time thanks!
  12. How can you change the position of the taskbar want it to be at the top but don't know how to do it
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