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  1. Apple took it off becuase they used Eminems song in the advert without permission. Apparently! Sky
  2. I think you should wait too. Sky P.S. Nice User name
  3. I didnt like the GUI at the start, but it's grown on me. Now I like it. It reminds me of the new Nissan Micra, Ugly, but it grows on ya. Sky
  4. Yeah, I like cookies too . Flushed cookies in IE and Firefox. Still the same.
  5. Thanks. But that doesent solve the problem completely Thanks anyway Sky
  6. Hi, I live in the UK, but when I go to google(.com or .co.uk) I get redirected to google.nl. Why?, how do I stop this. It's the same in Windows XP SP2 & Vista. Thanks Sky
  7. Nice skin, love it. But what programs do I use to use the tool bar skin. Is it Styler toolbar?, if so where can I get it from? Thanks Sky
  8. Hi, Is there a program out there that can look at all my programs/drivers and then look on the web to see if theres new versions/updates available? Thanks Sky
  9. Thanks but I didnt ask anything about the VOIP. I asked about the onboard ADSL modem. Sky
  10. Does anybody here know what the USB socket on the Zoom X5V ADSL VOIP 5 Port Modem do? ( http://www.ebuyer.com/customer/products/in...oduct_uid=62676 ) Is it used to use the onboard modem, or can computers that is connected to the the router via network cable dial the onboard modem? Thanks Sky
  11. oops, I didnt think this would fit anywhere else. Sorry Unbeliever !!! Ok, i'll e-mail timan Thanks Sky
  12. Hi, Thanks for the replys. I just checked with the ISP and it looks like I connect a straight-through RJ11 cable from the modem to the adsl filter. Thanks for your help guys Sky
  13. Hi, I'm gonna sign up to broadband 1Meg in the UK. But what RJ11 cable does the modem use to connect to the filter? Is it a cross-over cable or straight-through? Thanks Sky
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