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  1. check if your hardware requires restricted drivers, if it requires install them and make sure they are in use. try installing compiz fusion icon, follow the steps from here http://tombuntu.com/index.php/2008/03/25/t...-in-ubuntu-804/ Try restarting the window manager and selecting different window manager and try enabling different animations from the advanced settings. Hope this should work. Best of luck.
  2. RK Launcher (iVista Project) comes by default a 3D View docklet added to it. When 3D View docklet is clicked it open's the Flip 3d in Vista. Where as Vista Home basic doesn't come with Flip 3d so it wont work.
  3. I have installed latest version of RK Launcher and added all stack docklets from the object dock desklets type that came by default. When I try to add same docklet twice it says RK Launcher error "class already exits" When i click ok, the docklet is added and works fine. When RK launcher is started again the same error is displayed again. This error occurred on Vista and XP.
  4. Anybody tried findexer on Vista? or can anybody suggest similar app for vista?
  5. You can use vistaglazz to patch uxtheme.dll file. I have used it. its working fine. Unzip your custom theme files to "C:WINDOWSResourcesThemes" directory. For example: downloaded a theme by name theme1 unzip it into a folder by name theme1 into "c:windowsresourcesthemestheme1" and your theme1 directory should have .msstyles file and shell folder. Once you have installed your theme properly open desktop properties your theme should be displayed here. Vista doesn't use proper theme names for custom installed themes. It displays them as "Windows Aero" or "Windows Vista Basic". you can hack the
  6. Flip 3d is not available on Vista Home Basic version.
  7. Hello every one, I wanted to buy a laptop and i like Sony very much. I am planning to buy CR series and had seen a couple of models I wanted some suggestions based on your experience in Sony. CR series doesn't come with a nVidia graphics card. Which one will you suggest? 14.1 inch or 15.4 inch screen? nVidia graphics or Intel GMA? ( I would say nVidia but CR series doesn't come with nVidia graphics cards) Any other suggestions please.. Thank You.
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