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  1. yes it is .zip[sorry] but one should be able to extract with Winrar, right.
  2. i mean rar file can be downloaded but cant be extracted, can you?
  3. downloand link is still not working, archieve is corrupted
  4. thanks, great job man, u are king of coding
  5. Ok here it goes. 1) Windows XP Pro-SP3 (Toshiba Tecra M5) 2)SigmaTel HD Audio Driver for Windows XP (thats what u mean?otherwise tell me how to find) 3)No additional running/mixer. thanks.
  6. Thanks for you quick response but sorry I forgot to mention that I can actually find the hot spot (I can click and spot gets highlighted) but sound doesnt get muted(non-functional). When I open sound control(system) side by side, I can see the checkmark comes in but it doesnt mute the volume, however, the other way round it works correct. By this I mean, that if I mute sound form sound control panel(system) then I can un-mute from the docklet. I guess is some bug/or system specific problme. In conclusion, only un-muting works.
  7. This question is directed to doclet developer Atreiu, the great man. I dont know if this is right thread to ask? this sub-forum got so confusing? I have question regarding Xvolume docklet. Hopspot for 0n/off does not work. Otherwise its amzing, great work. I am using xp-pro sp3 on toshiba TecraM5.
  8. how did u move search bar to end,i cannot do it, it is stuck in middle [[ Edit: ]] sorry got it, thanx
  9. Looks cool man, hope u together with Matong will make this an awsome application out there.
  10. What specs? I am using XP pro SP3 and windows blind. Even if I do a clean install, dock uses 20% cpu with only computer, control panel, and recycle icons, no doclets, no stacks. Is there any conflict with WB or may be something else on my system. Dont know whats going on here.
  11. No I disabled magnification, icon shadow and monitoring but still it uses 60% cpu.
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