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  1. just downloaded styler and tried it out... thanks although i see that my icons now looked blurred.... does anyone have any recommendations for 128x128 icons? thanks again dude... kith
  2. hi how do you get ur explorer icons to be 128 x 128? thanks in advance p.s love the desktop! kith
  3. thanks man. that looks much better than mine.
  4. YaY! Something that works with Blend!! Great Work man! That was really such a nice of thing of you to actually try to come up with a way for us to use both emulation programs. Although i guess we would all love it more if it looked like your Big Bro's (he he) Expose Program. but even still great work.... kith
  5. thank goodness! matias said it so matter-of-factly that i thought i must have been a super noob not to be able to understand it ha ha. mr. matias care to explain a little further ? : )
  6. HI thanks for the quick reply! it didn't work but i am still very happy with the program : ) thanks anyway! kith
  7. Hi devrexster nice app! so far i don't have any trouble using the application (XP SP2) and no problem to get my taskbar transparent. but however when i apply it to any windows, another program stops working which is the Winexpose by Matias. i love these two programs so is it possible for both of them to work together? or is it that i am doing something wrong? thanks for a great and STABLE (so far hehe) application!
  8. HI Tyson, I tried using your script but it kept crashing my OD. Is there anything else i should have done? kith
  9. Hi Ghostwalker First of all, thanks for the super fast reply. And unfortunately i am already using the latest SysStats2.5.11. kith
  10. Hi This is my first post so pls forgive me if something is not right. Anyway i'm using windows xp, sp2 and OB 1.9 free . i also downloaded KK menu, OD Tray and SysStats 1.25 RC2. For a start i decided to use SysStats Pack 1.0 v1.5.1 but i only wanted the Network Monitor so i decided to modify it to show three things: 1. LAN IP Address 2. WiFi Info 3. WiFi IP Address in this order . After much editing i finally got it to work, but it runs all right for a while, before crashing. Sometimes i can't even open OD 1.9. In my attachment, I have included the scripts i used as well as the networ
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