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  1. I guess I should note, on Windows 7 Home Basic there are no issues yet. I've changed skins added and removed short cuts, changed icons. Everything seems good so far.
  2. Oh cool I was looking forward to this feature actually.
  3. That would be the end to the "no viruses" argument. Snow Leopard would become more wildly used and thus more viruses would be made. Would kinda suck and be funny at the same time.
  4. Are those the only way, I've heard their kind of resource hogs.
  5. On Macs there is a way to display the hard drive percentage and the number of files in a folder on the desktop next to an icon. Is there a way to do that on a PC? I'm running Vista by the way.
  6. Now I know it'll never happen, but I'd just like to through it out there. Do you think it would be possiable to create an XUnuntu Dock? Just make this dock for Ubuntu or other linux distros? I've tried all the linux docks out there and XWindows still out does them by far. Just a thought. I wonder if the developer would even know how to code this for a Linux system.
  7. Dang that scares me. I'll check now. Nope thats not the issue. My whole computer doesn't run slow, just the dock.
  8. Finally someone asks. I would've asked but I didn't want to look stupid.
  9. For some reason my dock just started to run really slow. I don't have any programs running and this is the first time its happened. And I haven't added any thing to the dock but it just started running slow. I've tried closing and opening the application, restarting the computer, and even uninstalling and reinstalling it but it still runs slow. Can someone help?
  10. Dude, could you send me a .zip of your dock skin. If you don't want to thats cool, but I would really appreciate it.
  11. I would like to know if it would be possible to make a squiggly minimizer along side the genie affect Please It would make the shape of like an "S". Thank You
  12. Thanks alot man, much appreciated I really liked the coffee as the trash
  13. Hello I was wandering if anyone could make me a dock file using the icons I have put in the .zip file. I ask because the skin maker seems to be buggy for me and it never make me the skin. I would very much appreciate it if someone could. My Dock.zip
  14. Here's mine. If anyone could offer me some better looking stack bin icons, I'd me much appreciated.
  15. I found a new bug and its really annoying. I can't click on the bottom left of my screen because for some reason its being taken up by XWindows Dock. I know this sounds weird and its hard to explain so I'll try to show you the best I can. For some reason the whole area inside the red square is considered the dock. I can't click on windows or icons that are inside that area. Its really annoying. I guess the only way to solve this would be an update to the dock so I hope the developer watches this thread.
  16. Mine only takes a little over 5MB
  17. Some people are bound to be asses. Best just to ignore them. All it does is fuel anger.
  18. Ya that would be awesome if you could. I think you should make it so the icon could be changeable, but here is a neat default.
  19. I would like to make a request Do you think there is anyway we could have a volume control docklet?
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