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  1. What New? -Updates to weather docklet to support international users (use the country codes from weather.com). For instance, Zurich SZ is SZXX0033 (use the code from the URL on weather.com). -Working directory automatically set for shortcuts -Bug hunting and fixes for some resource leaks Download here ------------------------- Link providing threads need [link] tags The Topic Has Been Tagged // Seph
  2. you need put shortcut dial-up connection in folder c:\windows and to drag to object dock
  3. no' when i click link download i'm see web Lycos and wtire you need a new local for down
  4. link down " iTunes Multi-Plugin 0.5 " didn't work
  5. link down " iTunes Multi-Plugin 0.5 " didn't work
  6. You need to drag folder from desktop and put to object dock and to arrow on folder in arrow mouse left long time (no to free from button mouse) you receive menu from folder!!!!! and very fast!!!!!!!! This folder from My Documents (sorry bad english) :shy:
  7. I want do new topic, but where i can upload pic? Thank!
  8. This Link Enjoy!! :woot: And um: .00 ---- x-Issue with icons temporarily disapparing and/or stopping updating (e.g. clocks) after changing screen resolutions or coming out of hibernation fixed. x-Settings are now saved whenever the config dialog is closed, rather than on exit only. x-Mouse activation: -When in "normal z-order" mode, will bring to front when mouse moves into activation area and leave there until another window is activated -When in "bottom" mode, will bring to front when mouse moves into activation area, and will put the dock back on bottom when the dock leaves the d
  9. Thank You! Judge!!!! (Y) :own: :bow:
  10. :cry: This not work for hebrew (with unicode 177)! Please help me :staffs here: . How I do make true? :joystick: Thank You! :bow: :bow: :bow:
  11. Whats new with Kk Menu 2.80 - 2003-07-18: -Included tutorials. (Located in the "DOC" folder) -Added folders opening with mouse double clicks. -In case of zero shadow width, drawing the texts using standard methods (instead of beautified). This should enable the Type 1 fonts to be drawn correctly. -Added three new (optional) command line parameters. For more details see please the Command line arguments section. -The menu item separator can also have an image. -Added the "execute in directory" parameter to the shortcut. It still needs to be tested, let me know if it does not work properly. -The
  12. Number Views: 10000 !!!!!!!! (Y) (Y) (Y)
  13. :6 Drempels Screensaver fast and Drempels's designing amazing!!!! Go to site drempels :woot: To Alilm, I'm sorry :rant: :cry:
  14. How to change characters to hebrew for object dock or other way
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