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  1. You won't have hardware incompatibilities if you use compatible parts.
  2. I'm pretty sure it would damage OS X if you deleted it. It has to be edited or replaced I think.
  3. -ModBook. http://axiotron.com/index.php?id=modbook It doesn't matter if your opinion is based on this or not, you still got your opinion from people who probably did.
  4. I do believe an iPhone or an iPod Touch qualifies as a "gadget". Pft. How big do you expect this thing to be? A decent, usable keyboard would take up an entire 13" or 15" screen, making it annoying as hell to input anything anywhere. Besides, the only reason people have fabricated the idea that Apple would make something so idiotic is because of the ModBook, which is anything but portable. If the ModBook had never existed people would expect it to have a regular swivel screen, or something similar.
  5. A tablet PC with no keyboard or mouse would be a bastard. A gadget utilizing touch screen abilities for short texts and what-not is one thing; a computer? Hell no. Typing long messages on a screen in that fashion would be absolutely ridiculous.
  6. You should visit my dA page. (:
  7. What I did not say does not matter; he was trying to point out what I said rather than what I didn't say. I didn't tell Aydinz to do anything illegal and I didn't give him illegal links, so it's idiotic to say that I did. Anyways, JaS came out with a new distro but idk if it's AMD compatible. JaS 10.4 was the only one that I could ever get to work with my PC, which is AMD-based.
  8. Nothing that I suggested has illegal content or is otherwise against the rules in any way. Get your facts straight next time.
  9. Not necessarily. You can install it straight from the disk (or use a patched disk like BrazilMac) if you want, of course he can't because that would require an Intel chipset but whatever... Meh.
  10. No, it's not. It just breaks the OS X EULA, which is not a legal document. Simply an agreement between the user and Apple. Nothing will happen to you if you install OS X on a PC. If you live in the US and sell it (or live outside of the US and sell it to somebody from here) then there is a possibility that something could happen, but again it is very unlikely. As for it working or not, check out http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.php/Main_Page for a list of hardware that is compatible and http://www.insanelymac.com/ for help.
  11. Download: http://sir-pimpalot.deviantart.com/art/Move-On-Up-95223161 My first attempt at typography. I think it turned out alright. :/
  12. I never said that it wasn't "compatible", so I don't know where you're pulling that quote from. Generic PC hardware is built in Windows' favor and hardware that Apple uses is built to accommodate OS X' abilities as well, that's just how it is. Did I say that means it isn't "compatible" or won't work? No. The poster before me was stating that Apple is more reliable because the hardware is built for OS X, and I said that most generic PC hardware is built specifically with Windows in mind. This is a fact, sir.
  13. I had a G4 until I destroyed it a few weeks ago for fun, and I loved it's adjustable display. As far as looks go the current generation iMac has them all beat.
  14. No, Apple had desktop accessories. They're a completely different kind of application from widgets, even though some widgets' usage is similar. Apple only had a calculator and two or three other things anyways, then Microsoft came along using widgets in Windows 3.x or OS/2 I believe that could use the internet for information and track computer usage and whatnot. How hilarious, I contradicted everything mentioned in your argument nearly two days before you replied to me. I'm not going through the trouble again. I also love how you're telling me this as if I don't know what I'm talking ab
  15. But if their internet OS was able to run said business applications (OS X can, so I don't see why MS' OS wouldn't) then Microsoft would succeed just fine as a cloud. Then companies would only need a great network and internet connection rather than expensive, high-end hardware.
  16. He didn't say that Microsoft WAS doing those things. He's talking about the future Microsoft Operating System which will be an internet OS. Trust me, if they make an internet OS it will include mostly everything Levi said, except for ads and the computer dictation/not owning a computer parts. I honestly wouldn't have a problem with it though. Levi seems to think that internet-based OS' run on the computer as the main OS, when it's really just an Operating System that runs in a web browser inside of another OS. I already use iCloud OS and it's great for what its meant for; a reliable, stab
  17. Thanks for the feedback. I added alot more to my dA page but I don't feel like posting here right now. I've got a bob-omb (explode), a Fire Flower, a ghost (kinda like the one from Kanye's cd), a cloud with a halo (heaven), an iPod with ice cream, and a Jason Voorhees mask.
  18. That is also incorrect. They did however take ideas from 3rd party software and Linux distros. Instant search has been available for quite a while before Apple implemented it into Tiger. Microsoft released it's MSN search from beta about the same time Apple released Tiger. Dashboard is almost exactly like Konfabulator, which copied Desktop X' widgets. I don't see a resemblance between iCal and Windows Calendar, aside from the fact that they are calendar-managing apps. Same with SunBird. There aren't but so many ways to make a calendar. Windows 3 had a 3D chess game just like the curre
  19. Please give me some examples of original ideas that Microsoft stole from Apple. Please, seriously, be my guest.
  20. I was under the impression that they resized themselves. :/
  21. http://Sir-Pimpalot.deviantart.com/art/Ecovintage-94565665
  22. It would probably turn out like deviantART's job section. Nobody would read the guidelines to ensure a fair trade of art and money and people would end up getting ripped off.
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