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  1. No, they'll probably have a list of everybody Psystar sold to and send out legal documents forcing you to give it up or be faced with a fine or some other form of punishment.
  2. What their EULA says does not matter and probably cannot even be upheld in a court of law. The only thing they have against Psystar is piracy, and whether or not Psystar stole Mac OS X I do not know. (though they include the retail package with an original install dvd, so I assume that they did not) I don't really see why he would have a problem with it if it is reported from a neutral stance, but ah well. Me neither. I'd give $250 for OS X on a PC long before I would ever spend a similar amount on Windows.
  3. A lot of people from InsanelyMac have them. They've got a noisy fan on startup apparently, but are otherwise close to perfect. The only problem is that if Apple wins their suit they'll forcefully take it from you, which I think should be illegal.
  4. The Mac Mini is ridiculously overpriced. When you factor in accessories it ends up costing over $1,000, which is rhetorical. Aside from that, some of us have a need for a graphics card. I'll be getting a MacBook Pro soon, but if I could get a PC equivalent with OS X for $600-$1000 less I would be much more content.
  5. I'm not able to post things in News.
  6. I'm not sure where else I'd put it. Definitely.
  7. Psystar has finally responded to Apple's lawsuit and slapped one of their own up the side of Apple's obnoxious head. Keep in mind that Carr & Ferrell is defending Psystar, so this may actually turn out to be quite a hassle for Apple. Psystar responds to Apple suit, will countersue Discuss.
  8. I know that (obviously, or I would have said it was a photo), but I missed a piece of the original post. I still don't see how this can be considered a leak if we know its a fake mockup by Umpa...
  9. This is definitely 3D work with the help of Photoshop.
  10. It hasn't been obvious to me. Your take on the new Control Panel is only an opinion, and can easily vary. To me the new Control Panel is much more efficient, and if you don't like it there's a big, clear tab that says "Classic" that is similar to the pre-Vista Control Panels. Something is wrong if you find [link] or [link] too difficult to navigate. Whether or not Aero looks good is also opinionated, and it doesn't bother my laptop's 128MB Radeon x1600 at all. If you don't like it turn it off or use Windowblinds. Once again this is simply opinionated, albeit the fact that
  11. Quite a mature statement there. Would you care to provide facts, or simply fabricated rubbish?
  12. Or any of the models shown on Wikipedia, apparently.
  13. I fail to see how it even remotely resembles the Creative Zen.
  14. I was under the impression that iTunes 8 was already available in Snow Leopard? I wish Apple would just stop forcing their stupid metal skin for it, and Safari and Quicktime. That iPod is pretty hot, looks very techy and contemporary. Also, hahaha no "Nano Touch".
  15. You're the first person I've seen who managed to get this right. I'm impressed. Keep up the nice work, man.
  16. I would consider even 2GB an overkill for most regular people, actually. I use a wide array of RAM-hungry designing apps and other things and my RAM usage has only gone over 1.3GB two times that I know of. It rarely tips over 1GB. 3GB is of course better however, especially for somebody who games alot.
  17. I'm your bot, remember? I don't feel like trying it with this one, but on my Pentium M lappy I just timed off 32 seconds to boot and 19 seconds to shut down. That's not really good (especially comparing shutting down to OS X, but XP has never had a decent shut down either) but not exactly unbearable.
  18. That's just the thing though, it doesn't use a lot of resources at all on lower-end computers. As I've said before, it manages RAM differently than XP so it only looks like it does. It uses as much RAM as it can for itself until you start running more things, then it loosens up whatever is needed for an application, and the amount it uses drops dramatically if you get anywhere near maxing out. Vista Home Premium never uses under ~850mb / 2GB of RAM on this PC, so I was afraid to install it on my other one with only 1GB of RAM. I did it anyways and realized that when there isn't much RAM av
  19. ^If Vista will run perfectly flawless on a 1.8GHz Pentium M with 1GB of RAM and integrated graphics I'm pretty sure that it will run fine on anything available in the market today. Like you said, those people bought computers with Vista and replaced it with XP. Chances are they didn't give a fresh, decent install of Vista a chance.
  20. You might want to consider renaming your topic, as it's quite misleading. Three thousand is nothing near 140 million. I have ran Vista on machines of various brands and specs, and it is every bit as efficient as XP. Nobody I know in real life with a clean install of it has ANY problems whatsoever, only people online who ***** about it's "accessories" wherein they aren't even part of Vista, but some 3rd party crap that a vendor added to it. Vista is better than XP in every possible way, unless you plan on running it with less than a 1.5GHz single core and 768MB of memory. It's pretty clear
  21. Now make an article about their new quad-core mobile and dual-core atom processors. <:
  22. That's because they're built to be durable, convenient, and comfortable. Style rarely includes that. Drop a MacBook Pro and it will more than likely ruin the case and half of the innards; drop a Lenovo notebook and everything will probably be fine. ...of course I wouldn't be seen around campus with that ugly thing...
  23. You can have perfect hardware compatibility without a genuine Mac. A kext that prevents you from installing has nothing to do with compatibility, and there are thousands of compatible parts that aren't being used in current Apple systems as well as custom drivers and fixes for certain hardware combinations.
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