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  1. Don't refer to KAW as a shit when you cannot spell "mouse". That's just pathetic, and reminiscent of a troll.
  2. Well this actually takes advantage of some parts of Firefox, as the Google page stated. I'm not sure if any of the Firefox extensions will be compatible, but if they are and it matches Safari in speed I may make the switch.
  3. [newsimg]http://pic.newssc.org/0/10/63/51/10635106_366919.jpg[/newsimg]"Google announced their very own browser project called Google Chrome — an announcement in the form of a comic book drawn by Scott McCloud, no less. Google says Google Chrome will be open source, include a new JavaScript virtual machine, include the Google Gears add-on by default, and put the tabs above the address bar (not below), among other things. I've also uploaded Google's comic book with all the details (details given from Google's perspective, anyway... let's see how this holds up). While Google provided the URL www
  4. Because Pentium M is such powerful hardware! ...though coming from Singapore it might be. I've talked to Malaysians who act like a Pentium Dual-Core is high quality shit.
  5. The menus or the menubars? I'm thinking of replacing the menubars with the black highlighted part of the MacSearch mockup.
  6. Adium, everything in iWork and iLife, Seashore, and ShapeShifter.
  7. http://sir-pimpalot.deviantart.com/art/As-...-Tolls-96691230 Meh, figured I'd share. Critique? edit: Replaced it with a thumbnail. Sorry, I keep forgetting that images don't resize themselves any more.
  8. Thanks. It probably reminds you of MacOS Classic because of the titlebar buttons.
  9. Eh, thanks guys but there's really no need to gang up on him.
  10. You may not necessarily see them but they're there, under the hood. People who upgrade from 10.5 to 10.6 in the future will not see a difference either, but the structure of 10.6 should be much better than it's predecessor. Vista is just so much more convenient IMO. Every time I have to use XP now I feel a lot less productive. Same goes with comparing OS X to Vista, I feel like I'm actually getting stuff done in OS X.
  11. No offense, but that right there proves that you are an ignorant person.
  12. Once again, like the majority of Vista haters, you have provided only opinions regarding things you do not like with no facts. I don't feel like arguing with you over your opinion. Fact: I have had Vista Home Premium for fourteen months. Fact: Vista uses RAM depending on how much you have available and loosens it up when needed. This amount is usually 25% when you're not running applications. Fact: Most of my internet time is spent on shady sites and in fourteen months I have had no malware in Vista. Fact: In XP if an application freezes up it takes XP along with it. In Vista if
  13. Apple does give away money, it's just that the amount is amazingly minute in comparison to that of Microsoft and Bill Gates. Hell, Gates gives away hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to Duke University here because of his wife and the fact that he doesn't want to pay taxes.
  14. Because luckily there's people who aren't complete idiots and still try Vista, thus figuring out that 95% of the claims against it are pure, unrefined bullshit.
  15. Thanks. Ah, I still don't know how to use it though.
  16. EDIT: http://sir-pimpalot.deviantart.com/art/Dry-Ice-96578563 ------------- A mockup of a theme. Tell me if you like it. Also, how exactly do you make Windowblinds themes? If anyone would care for a .psd of this once I'm done and make one of it I would be a happy bastard. *The grey buttons are from when the window is active or when the start menu is open.
  17. The hardware that it's on is no different from a generic Intel PC's hardware. Same processors, same video cards, same memory, same hard drives, same sound cards, and same power supplies.
  18. Being on a non-Apple PC wouldn't slow it down the least bit.
  19. The Macintosh lineup is a fairly minute source of Apple's income, whereas Windows is a major source of Microsoft's. Comparing their revenues in an attempt to say that Macs are overcoming Windows-based PC's is absolutely futile. Also, as I said before, their Mac sales have nothing to do with Microsoft. Compare them to Dell or somebody instead.
  20. They haven't shipped one-buttoned mice with Macs since 2005. They can't just "switch" Windows to UNIX. Windows needs better font antialiasing? I have seen nothing better than ClearType.
  21. Windows -It needs a simpler, more efficient UI for the most part. The overall style of Windows is just completely unproductive. It could also use some touching up in the graphics area, as its Fisher-Price styled Luna theme and Aero just do not cut it. The Basic style with antialiased edges would have been absolutely perfect. -It needs personalized color profiles. -User Account Control needs to be more customizable, with options as to what it asks you about. Linux -It needs to be more user-friendly. The typical user does not want to use terminal commands to get basic things done like i
  22. Please do tell, what does one in every two PC's being a Mac have to do with Microsoft?
  23. You don't tell them anything. They know who you got it from if they've got a list saying that you bought it from Psystar. Their prices are not even comparable. OpenPro, slightly over $2,000 MacPro, over $4,500
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