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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAno. Apple hasn't been the "king" of anything PC-related for over 20 years.
  2. A friend of mine has had a Vista theme on his for as long as I can remember. :/
  3. Download: http://sir-pimpalot.deviantart.com/art/Chesire-98273094 Inspired by Takashi's artwork. Critique is welcome, please comment or fav the set if you download (if you have a dA account). EDIT: HOLY CRAP I GOT A DD FOR THIS! <3
  4. There were only four warriors, albeit having six classes.
  5. Prelude of Chaos: http://sir-pimpalot.deviantart.com/art/Pre...-Chaos-97898090 Some Final Fantasy fanart based on the intro in FF1. I figured I would try something different. Critique?
  6. Thanks. I suppose it's how I did her dress. I actually don't like this piece now that I look at it.
  7. I'm certain that you'll just throw something together in Final Cut Studio. You really need to start reading my hidden text.
  8. It's clearly Photoshopped. Clearly. That's pretty awesome actually.
  9. I thought it was sarcastic, but couldn't really tell. Either way the person you replied to wanted to know.
  10. Do you want an animated one or what, or something in a specific format? I don't have a Nokia phone so I really don't know what you would need. I'll try if possible though.
  11. I believe it was thicker and did not have a steel enclosure.
  12. How? It would be completely useless unless you're a businessman or something.
  13. I'll send you an ounce instead. Anyways, Kinsemon told me what I needed to do...so I guess I'll try that later. Nevermind the group part. P:
  14. Alright then, thanks. Any suggestions as to other features or any ideas?
  15. Really? The Default and Dark Chrome themes are .dll files though.. Ew college. I started two weeks ago, so good luck with that. =X
  16. I want to make one but I really have no idea how to. If anyone here would like to help me out please PM me about it.
  17. If an aluminum version of the MacBook is released it will be the same as the black MacBook. Probably an extra $250 for a case while everything else is still the same as the middle-white MacBook.
  18. By hacking into that person's computer and stealing their files. ... Or with Windowblinds and RK Launcher.
  19. So... the menubar? I've changed the menubars and the MacSearch menu quite a bit though. I'll upload it whenever I make a start menu mockup. Edit: I updated it. Is that what you meant?
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