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  1. Apple is suing Victoria School of Business and Technology because they supposedly ripped off their logo. Am I the only one who thinks they look nothing alike, aside from being apples? :/ Apple's logo: VSBT's logo: Source
  2. Definitely. It's also faster than the Shiretoko alpha. (and uses about 1/20th of the RAM)
  3. It would boost performance tremendously if you're a gamer or somebody who uses video-editing apps and such, but if you're a casual computer user you'll probably only notice a slight bump in performance. If you want to upgrade for the sole purpose of new versions of Windows it would be best to wait, as RAM is constantly going down in price.
  4. Because nothing is better than MS Paint for pixel art. If Microsoft ****s this up for me and turns it into something similar to Photoshop I'm going to suicide bomb Redmond. D:<
  5. Why is Coca Cola not giving Pepsi its secret ingredient?
  6. Dumbasses, of course it looks just like Vista. Graphics are the last thing a programmer has to worry about. Leopard looked just Tiger when it was in beta stage. I'm looking forward to W7, though I've had no problems whatsoever with Vista. I'm not looking forward to the Ribbon UI, especially in MS Paint.
  7. Wow! It's... ...hardly anything like an iPhone.
  8. It's....reaaaaallllllyyyyyyyy....sloooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Like, ridiculously so, and I'm on high-speed broadband. Otherwise it's ok. ...
  9. It's not really a fair comparison, as the iMac isn't the same type of PC as the one they built. It's actually much cheaper than most alternatives, same goes for the MacBook Air and Mac Mini. I personally see no point in Apple hardware, with the exception of the Air. I'd much rather get a custom-built OSx86 compatible PC that would blow a Mac Pro out of the water for a fraction of the price. No, it wouldn't be Apple-labeled. Anybody with a brain knows that's not what they mean, you're just making up excuses. The EULA is not a legal document anyways, it is an agreement. They cannot and w
  10. I love it, but Google Chrome doesn't work well with Windowblinds so I won't be using it. I still dropped by your page and faved it though. (:
  11. I have a 40" Samsung HDTV in my room and it's wonderful. I also have a 30" Panasonic LCD that I use for gaming, and it is great too. I honestly doubt any of the brands you listed would give you trouble, but you might want to see who offers the best warranty and whatnot.
  12. I assume that this is the suitable place for this thread. My apologies to the staff if my judgment was wrong. The [currently nonexistent] product they would be working on would be commercial and I suspect it would take about six months to a year to complete. It is a game creation engine. It's going to be a while until I'll be able to hire anybody, but I was just curious to get an estimate of how much it would cost. Thanks.
  13. In terms of what? Speed? Resource usage? Security? Customizibility? Neither Firefox 3 or the Shiretoko alpha beat Safari 4DP or Chrome when it comes to speed. Chrome is the fastest browser I have used, whether it be booting the application or surfing the web. Safari 4 is about equal in terms of surfing, but takes longer to boot. Firefox is an absolute ***** when it comes to resource consumption, as well as Safari. Both use at least over 120,00k of RAM at any given time, whereas Chrome has never gone over 30,000k. Opera also mauls Safari and Firefox in this area. Security? Well, Chrom
  14. LCD's are cheaper, more efficient, and don't have glare.
  15. As I said in the other thread about displays, get a Dell UltraSharp no matter what.
  16. Let's see... $2499/20=$124.95 I will more than happily do it for that amount.
  17. Yes, like Phoshi said that was aimed at the guy who was posting porn. I felt the need to clarify this in case you thought it was aimed at you.
  18. No, the 20" UltraSharp uses a S-PVA. There's really no point in having a 22" monitor as opposed to a 20", unless you just like having a bigger screen in general. The width will be 50pixels wider (which is pretty useless) and the height will be 150px less, so really you'll be losing a lot of valuable verticle space.
  19. Ah, well that's pretty damned retarded. Either way 1680x1050 is a good resolution, especially if you're only going to be doing the things you listed. If you were an artist or something it would be different, but 20" is great for casual usage. Trust me, man, you'll be much, much, much happier with a 20" UltraSharp than you will be with a 24" alternative. I have no doubts about it.
  20. Um, no. The 20" Dell UltraSharp is 15,000 rupees, which is like $300. The 24" is 21,107 rupees, which is about $400. Honestly I don't like Samsung and their products at all. What they have is inferior and overpriced in comparison to most competitors, and there's also the fact that their service absolutely sucks.
  21. Do not get anything that uses TN-Film if you can help it. Dell UltraSharps and Apple Cinemas are the only displays I can think of that use *far* superior alternatives, and they are well worth it. With TN-Film you are limited to 6bit color, meaning that it can only access a pallet of 65,536 colors, which results in half-assed screen dithering to mimic true 8bit color. The UltraSharp uses an S-PVA panel and the Apple Cinema Display uses an S-IPS panel, both of which are truly 8-bit and can access a full 167,000,000 color pallet. The UltraSharp is both better and cheaper than the Cinema Di
  22. The icons are pretty ****ed up and the edge of the dock is very rough. :/ The reflections are nice though.
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