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  1. And most of those people are using Leopard on systems that meet the required specs instead of something from '01, so they don't complain.
  2. Oh I saw this yesterday on dA. It's hot to say the least. Too bad my WB trial ran out, or I'd be using it right now.
  3. Anybody know where I could find the cursors from Tiger or Leopard? Thanks.
  4. Try Landvermesser's MacClock.
  5. Vista works amazingly well for me. XP only crashed a few times on me, but I'm pretty impressed that I've been using Vista for a half a year with no problems.
  6. I've been using it for quite a while now and love it. Better than XP and Leopard IMO. (not as good as Tiger or Ubuntu though.) I really like the way it handles non-responsive programs and multitasking, the new explorer and indexed search is better, Aero is nice too, but it grows on you after a while and you start to dislike it. I absolutely hate the default icons, sidebar, and defender (which I keep turned off) though.
  7. http://www.mozilla.org/support/firefox/tips#app_icon
  8. Just search around in the System32 (I think that's it) folder, find it, and delete it, or edit it to be something you like more.
  9. Heheh, I guess not. :/ Thanks for that, and late merry christmas to you too.
  10. Is there a program I can download to keep programs I'm running from showing in the taskbar? I use Objectdock for convenience so it seems pretty redundant to have both. Any help would be appreciated, thanks. (:
  11. I just downloaded and installed v0.2 and all I'm getting is a blank finderbar with the time, and its frozen. I'm on Vista Home Premium so could that be the problem? Anyways I wish I could get it to work, because it looks great in the screenshots. Keep it up.
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