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  1. You should put this on eBay and bold the fact that $1,600 worth of software comes with it and double the price.
  2. Felt like sharing. Opinions? http://calacruf.deviantart.com/art/Mac-Mini-v2-105655742
  3. If the application is not going to be commercial I'll do it for free whenever I replace my hard drive and reinstall Photoshop.
  4. KAW, please stop acting like a naive, belligerent punk. I'm sure you would agree that it would be ignorant to compare a typical desktop to a laptop and expect the price and specs to be equal, this is no different.
  5. I never said Apple in general was the cheapest. It's idiotic to compare a Mac Mini to a generic desktop computer with the same specs and go "ROFLMAO WHYS IT OVERPR1CED!?!?" because they're not in the same market. When it comes to computers, small is always more expensive and less powerful.
  6. Not really. You have to realize that it takes special parts and engineering to create an extremely compact, yet still efficient, computer.
  7. I don't see what that has to do with anything? This site probably wouldn't exist if it weren't for an old bastard like Jobs. Check out alternatives from ASUS, Dell, and the likes. Apple is the cheapest.
  8. I think they're great for multimedia things, personally, but the Apple TV kind of makes them pointless for that purpose.
  9. http://gizmodo.com/5066531/apple-stops-mac...-expect-no-more Well, Apple has stopped producing Mac Minis and will stop shipping them when they sell the rest. Opinions? I hope they replace it with a decent, customizable Mac, but I doubt they will.
  10. Psystar, a company selling PC's pre-installed with OS X, is back and seemingly stronger than ever. They've got an improved site layout and even better deals on their hardware, as well as some new models and hardware options. They apparently took some legal notes and didn't use the same terms that they included with their old website that Apple quoted in their lawsuit. As for those who wish to know what happened became of their dispute with Apple Inc:
  11. The models themselves are ok, but the content is not original. With the exception of the Apple speakers and tablet mac, you've simply taken already existing ideas and used your skills in 3D modeling to make the obvious come to life. If you want to get ahead in your field this is not a good way to go about it.
  12. Well their iPods and iPhones are severely overpriced as well, albeit the fact that they own the MP3 player market and that the iPhone was like the top selling phone last year, so I'm guessing it's not because of market share. I think they're up to like 17% now, but I'm not sure.
  13. That was the only photo available at the time I posted this. I couldn't post images that didn't exist. :B
  14. Perhaps more than Dell, but I doubt they buy in smaller volumes than HP, seeing as they're passing HP. It still doesn't account for a $300-$1,500 price difference, and if you can't accept that you're wrong. You don't even know who buys what, you're simply assuming based upon market rank. I will still consider your scenario however and ask this: Why can I get a maxed-out Lenovo Thinkpad with much higher specs than the base MacBook Pro and 3 years of accidental damage protection warranty for nearly $600 less? Lenovo holds a smaller market share than Apple, after all. I hate to break it to you, but there's quite a large performance gap between a typical Hyundai and a typical Lexus. They're not even close to being in the same class.
  15. @iTim: No they don't. Their Core2Duos, Intel GMA and Nvidia cards, etc are no more expensive than those used by other vendors. These companies do not go "Oh I think we'll make some really high quality shit just for Apple Inc and charge them out the ass for it lololololz!!!". The MacBook's glass and aluminum enclosures alone probably cost at least $120 to produce. Then you have to factor in the backlit keyboard, fancy touchpad, weight, and thinness, among other things. The MacBook Air is expensive because it is thin. Check out similar notebooks from Toshiba, Voodoo, and others and you'll see that the Air has the upper hand in both specs and pricing. The same goes for the iMac and Mac Mini. As for Apple's Pro lineup, however, there is simply no justification for its radical prices.
  16. They actually look a lot like my old Toshiba M15. God I can't wait to get a MacBook in December. <3
  17. The new MacBook Pro. Now with a gorgeous iMac-esque glass display, double Nvidia GPU's, and no buttons. What's better than this? Well, there's a base MacBook Pro rumored to start at just $899. We'll find out tomorrow.
  18. AMD's current mainstream processors can't compete against the Core 2 chips. They're not even in the same league.
  19. Meh, I'll just agree to disagree. By the way, did I come off as flameful in my other post? I didn't really mean to, though it sounds pretty assy now that I've re-read it.
  20. I think it's a line graph, not a mountain. P:
  21. Ah, well it's never happened to me. I've also heard reports that Youtube doesn't work with it, but that hasn't been the case for me either. :/
  22. Well said, though all of the links have expired.
  23. Give some examples. I haven't experienced any, though I'm aware of one security flaw. (which I could care less about, since I'm not dumb enough to fall for phishing sites and whatnot)
  24. How much more specific can it possibly get? Sorry, but this makes me rofl. No I wouldn't, and even if I did it would not be enough to justify a lawsuit because when I saw it I would realize that it was not an Apple Store. By that logic McDonald's should be allowed to sue Burger King because somebody might see a burger joint in the corner of their eye and assume it's McDonald's, only to find out that it's actually Burger King. Most elementary schools I see have an apple logo somewhere close bye, but I don't rush inside expecting to buy a Macintosh. You act as though Goddy-boy Steve Jobs created the apple, because being apples are the only thing the two logos have in common. "Nothing"? They're a marketing school for Christ's sake. Apple Inc is not a school. The apple is a common icon for education and there's a line chart in the middle of it, as well as the school's acronym. Even so, the design of the apple itself is not similar to Apple Inc's apple. The shape is different and it has a color pattern, detail, and depth. Apple Inc's is black and flat. No I wouldn't, and your comparison is completely irrelevant to this. McDonald's is a burger joint that uses a golden M. VSBT is not a consumer electronics/software vendor and does not use a black apple with a bite taken out of it. Even if people DID somehow mistake it for an Apple Store it would not be harming Apple or helping VSBT.
  25. They're each separate images with links. Use img and url tags, like so: You would use
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