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  1. I want to try it but the download link is broken Someone could say me where I get the Mac Finder toolbar? Thanks! Nevermind! I found it on Deposit Files! do not double post - mps69
  2. I'll reinstall to see what happens, because I've followed the steps 1 to 4 before. Thank you!
  3. I forgot to mention that it happened after having chosen a 2D skin, but now it even doesn't work with 3D ones. And yes, the magnify option is always checked!
  4. Hi! I'm using XWindows Dock v5.6 and wonder why magnification doesn't work anymore if I turned it on. Thank you!
  5. yamimi

    Unread Rss?

    Thank you for the tips Matonga. I'll try do develop something and see what happens. But I'm not sure that I can do it... Any kind of help will be welcome!
  6. yamimi

    Unread Rss?

    Hi! Since I read some topics about RSS counter here but nothing conclusive, I want to know if already exists a docklet that displays the unread rss of google reader. Actually I tried to built one just modifying the Judge's GMail Notifier (for RK Launcher), but I was totally failed in. It's possible to create something using the the XML Meter Class? And about this API? It can help? http://code.google.com/p/pyrfeed/wiki/GoogleReaderAPI (just to let you know, i'm a noob in programming)
  7. Change the compact.css file didn't work, however it's pretty easy when using stylish! It's working fine! Thank you very much for helping!
  8. The same with me =/ And it disappoint me a lot. Is there any other way to change the apps names in the bar, which don't interfere in its transparency? (desktop -> finder)
  9. I don't know if I understand, but I tried to past it in Objectbar.ini and it doesn't work (apps names didn't change on OB).
  10. Hi guys! Someone can help me, with this RK launcher issue? When any window is full screen, RK Launcher doesn't popup/magnify over this window. But it ONLY happens when I use the pen (tablet). When I use normal mouse, all goes fine. Thank you!
  11. Now I realized that I post this thread under the wrong forum. Should it be moved to "Application Skins" forum?
  12. Hello ppl! I tried to replace the Compact Menu icon (in Firefox), as i read in some threads around here. However I had a problem, and don't realize how can I fix it. I think that's because of size of the original icon (blue.png). See in attachment how it looks like when I click, or on mouse hover. Should I change something in compact.css? I think is something here: Btw, all changes I did in "size" values mess up it even more! :/ Can someone help me? Thank you in advance (and sorry for the terrible english)
  13. Sorry for bumping an old thread but I thought this question didn't need a new one.
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