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  1. Here: YzShadow: http://www.stevofc.com/down/yzsdw109.zip To use on Vista, extract the folder, right click, properties for yzshadow.exe and in the Compability tab, click on "windows XP Service Pack 2". and that's it! I have it, and works great!
  2. I did, and came up with nothing, that's why I posted here. Hmmm, could it be in the registry maybe? {{EDIT}} Hold on, I'm gonna go into my font settings and see if I can center it. {{UPDATE}} Damn, only the option to make it italic or bold. Anyone know how?
  3. Ummm, thanks, but that's all the sounds Tiger has?!
  4. Thanks, that'd be great. I'm still stuck with the old Jaguar sounds.
  5. Is there any way to centre window title text in Vista? Like in Mac, without having to install a new Visual Style?
  6. I'm looking everywhere for Leopad sounds for my Vista, but can't seem to find.
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