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  1. hmm i unloaded my WB and sure enough the taskbar was at the bottom i moved it up and offed my OB. Then start WB then OB. Now the winkey + D then alt tab dont work anymore. I'll try to restart my computer {{EDIT}} Can anyone help me with this ?
  2. I'm done now with the unrar.dll just downloaded it from dll files. Im using 7zip so i dont have unrar.dll Umm i'm using rocket dock
  3. cool iPod touch is Wifi right? heh. Oh btw.... i found out that by using win key + d to show desktop and minimize all then alt tab to open firefox again it fixed it. But manually maximizing it hides it again {{EDIT}} When i install styler it says it cant find unrar.dll =/
  4. yes it is caused by Yz shadow. I'll try to use styler... The traffic lights still continue to be like that
  5. I do not know what happened. So here is a screenshot to explain everything
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