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  1. I'm really looking for this One Piece Icon, hope somebody can help me.
  2. (PRODUCT)red - widescreen 1680x1050 Leon
  3. I don't think, I've created this picture to compete in a logo contest for a blog, if I win, I have to give to the administrator the HD .psd and he will be the only one that can use this picture, if I lose I can release this picture as Icons. Leon
  4. Who know maybe the blue glow is a liquid cooler system ^ ^ Leon
  5. In my dream world I'm very rich xD Leon
  6. Just the concept of the most powerfull Mac mini in the World, the mac mini Pro, So bad thet is just a concept Leon
  7. the dock that this program will emulate is the Leopard dock, the 1.6 version of the Mac OS X dock, so I can suggest a simple name iDock 1.6, for the differents builds you can add other numbers to the name, like iDock Leon
  8. 3 stack icons with dark-blue container, hope you like this release Download here Leon
  9. check out my: Mirror Site Leon
  10. for what I know is how iGO says, i don't own an iPod so I can be wrong, by the way for your second problem just check your network preferences, go on advanced "PPP" tab, and deselect, "ask every 5 minutes...and so on" Leon
  11. here it is, I've tried to upload the .ico but it can't be attached , so you have the .png if you need to convert try http://converticon.com/:
  12. Apple desk wallpaper - widescreen 1680x1050 I want a desk like this xD Leon
  13. There is a feature in the Leopard Spaces, that if you drag the windows out of the screen it goes to the next desktop, so if i drag a window in the right corner of the screen and I keep dragging for about 2 second I will go to the next desktop, if I drago to the bottom corner instead of the right I'll go to the third desktop and so on, Sorry fo the bad english, I think that this feature in your program will be useful. Sorry for the bad english Leon
  14. New Version Apple Parquet wallpaper widescreen 1680x1050 Leon
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